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How Are Shipping Containers Made?

At first glance a shipping container just looks like a big, but very simple, metal box with sides, a roof and a floor. However, there’s more to putting one of these metal boxes together than meets the eye. Shipping containers have to be made from certain materials and constructed in such a way as to […]

Shipping Containers FAQ

Have you ever wanted to know more about shipping containers? or wanted to ask a question about them? Below we are assembling a list of FAQ for shipping containers along with some answers. Feel free to send us your questions. Are Shipping Containers Fire Rated? Are Shipping Containers Eco Friendly? Are Shipping Containers Mouse Proof? […]

How To Insulate Your Shipping Container

In this post, read up on the different ways you can insulate your shipping container to suit your individual needs. Jump To: Standard Insulation Spray Foam Insulation Rooftop Gardens Shipping containers are nothing more than big, rectangular metal boxes made from corrugated steel. If you’re planning on remodelling and repurposing a shipping container for other […]

High Cube Container Lunchroom

Shipping containers are being transformed into all sorts of things these days. Like our recent project where we turned some high cube containers into a container lunchroom. Long gone are the times when they were merely used as secure forms of transportation or storage. While these are still primary, many have discovered just what a […]

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