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Reasons To Lease A Shipping Container

The shipping container has been the work horse of international transportation by land and sea for many decades. By design it’s the perfect way to transport goods from city to city, state to state and country to country. These days shipping containers are still mostly used for both transporting goods and storage, but also a […]

Should I Buy or Hire a Shipping Container?

Many people want to get their hands on either a new or used shipping container. Whether it’s for transportation of goods, temporary or permanent storage, or one of many other purposes. Relatively speaking, cargo containers are cheap and can be modified to suit any requirements. They are also built tough and made to last. If […]

Emerging Trend: The Shipping Container Jail

To reduce overcrowding in Australia’s Jails, there has been a really interesting trend emerging in in the correctional industry in recent years. The humble shipping container is being employed to solve this ongoing problem. With minimal construction and modification time required and being a very low-cost alternative to building traditional prison structures, the shipping container […]

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