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Common Repairs To Shipping Containers

In this post, we’ll take a look at some of the more common repairs done to shipping containers and how damage can occur during the life of a container. When you visualise a shipping container, you see a very solid metal box that basically looks indestructible. While cargo containers are super tough, they are subject […]

Emerging Trends: The Future Of Shipping Containers (Insight)

As the world’s population continues to grow, so does the need to import and export products and goods, and one of the main ways goods are transported globally is inside shipping containers aboard container ships. So what are the emerging trends in the shipping container industry, and what does the future hold for shipping containers? […]

5 Bizarre Container Modifications From Around The World

Every year 1000s of new and used sea shipping containers are refashioned to be used for other purposes. Sometimes that could be something as basic as creating a home office or building a backyard workshop from a cargo container. More grandiose projects include constructing an entire house predominantly from shipping containers, or even the construction […]

20ft High Cube Modified For Overseas Customer

We modified a 20ft High Cube shipping container for an overseas customer. The customised container has LED Downlights and is insulated. The shipping container is going to be used as a display unit in the USA. The modified doors will be used for entry on one side and exit on the other side. View the […]

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