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Man Cave or She Shed Project

Two things have become increasingly popular in Australian culture. The first is the man cave and, more recently, the rise of the she shed. The man cave gives guys an opportunity to do their thing, and it’s the same for women and the she shed. Jump To: Shipping container builds save you money Building with […]

All About 20ft Shipping Containers

Being the most popular container size, the 20ft shipping container offers a myriad of options when it comes to usage. In this article we provide all the details about this sea container. We list the different variations of the mid-sized container; tell you its features; go over its benefits; outline some common uses for these […]

10ft Shipping Containers To Buy Or Rent

For clients looking for a more compact shipping container solution, the 10ft cargo container offers a compelling option. In this post, we look at this mini shipping container in great detail: we outline the technical specifications of the miniature steel container including size-dimensions, capacity, weight and payload; tell you some of the common uses for […]

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