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Shipping Container Farms Are The Latest Craze

Indoor farms have become one of the latest trends to be gripped by the craze of transforming the humble shipping container for a brand new purpose other than transportation or storage. The beauty of this idea is that not much about the container itself needs to be modified, as the farms are all housed inside […]

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Transform The World of Hospitality With a Container Cafe

One of the really cool things about opening a cafe is that it doesn’t necessarily need to be very big, and if you can make your cafe mobile, it really opens the doors for many business opportunities, such as events and festivals. One unique option for creating a cafe is out of a shipping container, […]

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Top 5 Mistakes When Buying or Hiring a Container

In the modern world shipping containers have many uses, in addition to transport and storage. While a shipping container may appear to be a simple rectangular box, there’s more to them than meets the eye. There are a lot of posts online about the many advantages of shipping containers, but in this post, we’ll highlight […]

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The Man Cave or She Shed From Shipping Containers

Two things have become increasingly popular in Australian culture. The first is the man cave and, more recently, the rise of the she shed. The man cave gives guys an opportunity to do their thing, and it’s the same for women and the she shed. Jump To: Shipping container builds save you money Building with […]

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Quick Guide To Shipping Containers In Australia

Are you in need of a shipping container? Do you need to buy or hire one? What type of container do you need? Take a look at our quick guide to shipping containers in Australia. Jump To: 10 differences between new and used shipping containers 10 different types of shipping containers you can buy 10 […]

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