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Prefabrication and Modular Homes - The Role Of Shipping Containers

Prefabrication homes and modular homes have been a popular trend for many decades now, with cost-effective manufacturing being one of the drawcards for home buyers. While there have always been a variety of processes involved in the manufacture of these homes, one trend that’s on the rise in recent times is the use of shipping […]

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Conversion of a Shipping Container for Enmore Tafe, NSW

Tiger Containers has just unveiled a brand-new shipping container conversion, specifically designed as extra storage space. In this case, to be used as an archiving storage space for Enmore Tafe College in NSW. More archive storage containers like this one can be produced for anyone requiring this kind of facility, enquire now. This storage room […]

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What Can You Fit Inside A Shipping Container?

If you’re looking to get a shipping container to store your things or ship some cargo, then you might be wondering: how much can you fit in a cargo container? In this post, we tell you exactly how much you can fit inside an intermodal ISO container. We tell you the exact internal dimensions and […]

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Containers are Leading the Way for Office Space

In the modern world, more and more people are opting to work from home if they can. With so many people making full use of the internet and operating online businesses, it makes perfect sense on many levels. One innovative way to set up a home office rather cheaply that’s separate from the rest of […]

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Tiger Containers Offers A Best Price Guarantee

Tiger Containers is pleased to offer a best price guarantee on our shipping containers to buy or hire. Get a quote for a shipping container from us, and if you find a better price elsewhere show us, and we'll beat it.

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