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Containers Modified Into “Parklets”

Check out the new shipping container "parklets" from Tiger Containers! These are small, mobile public spaces specially built for socialising. Tiger Containers recently modified two containers to become 'parklets'. These are small mobile public spaces for community socialising and greening the street.

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Shipping Container Toilets - 5 Great Examples

Shipping containers are so versatile they can be used for practically anything. All it takes is a little imagination and you can transform them for many other uses. Due to their rectangular shape and the fact that most things made from shipping containers are mobile and transportable, they are the perfect choice to transform into […]

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30 Ft Workshop made From Shipping Container

We often like to showcase our projects here on the website in the hopes that you might get some inspiration for your own shipping container conversion project. Being versatile, tough, modular construction units, shipping containers can be converted into different types of spaces for different kinds of uses including cafés, kitchens, locker rooms, ablution blocks […]

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“Pop-Out” Office Created From Shipping Containers

When it comes to building and conversions, you can use new or second-hand shipping containers for practically anything. Just by their nature, they are a super solid structure ready to be utilised. One very popular shipping container conversion is to transform one or more containers into office space, either as an on-site mobile office on […]

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Transforming a Shipping Container into a Backyard Shed

Who Doesn't Love A Shed? Apart from the obvious, shipping containers are used and repurposed for many different things. A prime example is a backyard shed, which can be utilised as a workshop, man cave, retreat or even a small games room, among other things. Sheds fashioned from new or used shipping containers are a […]

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