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Ramps For Shipping Containers

Whether it’s being used for transport or storage, a shipping container naturally needs to be loaded and unloaded on a regular basis. A standard container has two steel doors on one end that swing out to 270 degrees for easy access. The problem area is the bottom. In order to be able to use a […]

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Shelves in Containers for Storage

"Did you know if you put shelves into your shipping container you'll almost double your storage? So many people view containers as nothing more than a giant metal box used to store stuff or ship stuff, but a shipping container can do so much more than that. Even as a storage device, if you install […]

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Bars From Shipping Containers - Innovative Entertainment

"Most of us have likely been to a few different bars in our lifetime. What often makes a bar unique from another is the atmosphere and the surroundings, along with the location. One trend that’s been soaring in recent years is the transformation of shipping containers into businesses, and stylish and unique bars made from […]

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