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Trends In Container Use For 2019 – What to Expect

The notion of turning single unit containers or several conjoined units into useful buildings has been around for a while and will only gain more steam in 2019 as more people get drawn into the recycling and upcycling movement. As a result, several new trends in container repurposing will emerge while others that are older […]

Used Shipping Containers: What To Look For When Buying

“For many applications, a used shipping container can provide just as much utility as a brand-new unit – this while selling for a fraction of the cost of a new one. What’s more, used cargo containers help in environmental conservation when the pre-owned containers are re-used or upcycled to better products. Finding a good-quality second-hand […]

Types Of Popular Shipping Container Conversions

POPULAR SHIPPING CONTAINER CONVERSIONS Storage and transport are not the only purposes of shipping containers. Shipping containers can be modified into housing, office sites, sheds and more. Shipping containers have been around for a while now – since 1955 to be precise. During the better part of their existence they have mostly been used for […]

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