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How Covid-19 Skyrocketed Shipping Container Prices

It’s been 18 months since the Covid-19 pandemic first appeared, triggering the start of the domino effect to set back the shipping container industry. With travel and large entertainment venues long out of bounds, the industry was flooded with a surge in demand for goods, sparking ocean freight costs to skyrocket.  While profit lines have […]

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Global Shipping Container Shortage: Is a Resolution Coming?

  Shipping containers. We know they exist, but many of us forget their role in allowing us to live our daily lives. It’s estimated that 90% of the world's goods are transported by sea. 60% of that is our fresh food, technology and appliances. The remaining is oil, gains and commodities. Without this transportation, the […]

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Home Container Living: The Logistics You Need to Know

  Gone are the days where everyone strived to own an apartment in a bustling city. Shipping container homes are now the wallet-friendly alternative to a goldfish apartment or the white picket fence home in the suburbs. With the added benefit of being eco-friendly, customised and glamorised on shows like The Block, it's easy to […]

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How To Enhance Your Christmas With Shipping Containers

The concept of using shipping containers for anything other than, well, shipping may seem rather bizarre. But then again, so is selling Christmas stock in stores from September.  While shipping containers were intended to revolutionise the shipping and trade industry, their potential for more widespread uses is increasingly recognised. Their technical and infrastructural advancements mean […]

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How Environmentally Friendly Are Shipping Container Homes?

Invented in 1956 by Malcolm McLean, shipping containers were intended to be used as a vessel for international shipping. Recognising the potential and value of these containers, over 30 years later in 1987, Philip Clark filed a patent for the “method for converting one or more steel shipping containers into a habitable building.” The concept […]

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