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  • Large Shipping Containers

30+ year’s experience providing shipping containers to Australia

Top quality containers for sale. Competitive pricing, excellent customer service and fast delivery from a market leader.

All Tiger Containers are secure custom containers and we can provide new or second-hand shipping containers. View our range of shipping container sizes and types below or get an obligation-free quick quote today.

Wide range, great service

We stock and sell the largest range of new and used general steel shipping containers for sale. Cargo container sizes range from 10 foot (3m), to 20 foot (6m) to 40 foot (12m). Our specialised shipping containers – including refrigeration containers, flat rack containers, open top containers, Bolsters and high cube containers – are available in both 20 foot and 40 foot.

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Refrigeration Containers

10ft Refrigerated Storage Containers


Flat Rack Containers

40ft Flat Rack Containers


High cubes containers

40ft High Cube Containers


General purpose container

10ft Shipping Container


Refrigeration Containers

40ft Refrigerated Shipping Containers


General purpose container

40ft Shipping Container


Open-top containers

40ft Open Top shipping container


Open-top containers

20ft Open Top Shipping Container


General purpose container

20ft Standard Height Shipping Container (8”6/2.6m High)


High cubes containers

20ft High Cube Shipping Container (9”6/ 2.9m High)


Refrigeration Containers

20ft Refrigerated Shipping Container (Freezer/Chiller)


Flat Rack Containers

20ft Flat Rack (Collapsible) Shipping Containers


Dangerous Goods Containers

10ft Dangerous Goods Shipping Containers (Class 3)


Side opening containers

20ft Side Opening Containers (2.6m or 2.9m High)


Flat Rack Containers

40ft Flat Racks (collapsible)



Our containers are dispatched from our depots throughout Australia.

  • Are long lasting using high quality steel
  • Have heavy duty flooring
  • Are weatherproof and versatile
  • Are competitively priced. Get a Quote Now
  • Include fast delivery
  • Have a 3-month warranty!
  • Containers are shipped from our depots in Melbourne, Sydney, Fremantle and Brisbane


New or Used Shipping Containers for Sale

Tiger Containers is your one stop shop for shipping containers, you can buy new or used containers.


Types of containers we sell

Refrigerated shipping containers (Reefer Containers)

  • A variety of container sizes available
  • Great for functions, temporary locations and events
  • Easily transported and set up
  • Tailored to exact requirements

Open Tops

  • Has on open roof (canvas cover)
  • Perfect for very tall items or where top loading is required

High Cubes

  • Additional 1ft height for tall items
  • Come in all sizes


Flat rack

  • Collapsible walls make for convenient container loading


Side Opening

  • Doors on the side make accessing your goods easier


Tiger containers (one of the biggest suppliers of new and used containers in Australia) provides quality cargo containers for use on your project at competitive prices.

For Sale, Hire or Modification – We Supply New or Used Containers for sale in Australia

For over 30 years we have been specialising in shipping supply and all Tiger Containers are secure custom containers.
As a market leader in providing quality shipping containers throughout Australia, Tiger Containers stocks and supplies the largest range of both new and used steel shipping containers.

Container sizes range from:

Along with these standard sizes we also offer customised containers that range in size from 5 foot right up to 60 foot, depending on your requirements.

Specialised containers are available in both 20 foot and 40 foot sizes, and these include:

  • Open top containers
  • Refrigeration containers
  • Flatracks containers
  • Bolsters and high cube containers

Where are we?

Talk to us about our shipping containers:

Who Are We & Why Should You Buy From Us?

  • We provide both new and used shipping containers
  • All of our containers are secure custom containers
  • We are market leaders within the shipping container industry in Australia
  • Tiger Containers provide the largest range of new and used quality shipping containers

If you are looking for shipping containers for sale in Australia then start right now with an obligation-free quote from us. Hit the button on the top right of this page, or click here for a shipping container quote >

shipping containers for sale

Tiger Containers Head Office Google Reviews rating: 3.9 / 5 from 11 Reviewers


Shipping Containers For Sale FAQ

How much does it cost to buy a container? 

Shipping containers have a variety of uses ranging from granny flats and offices, to storage and this will affect the price.  The price is also dependent on other factors such as delivery costs and the container’s condition (i.e. either new or used).  It’s best to get a quote >

Do you need planning permission for a container in your garden?

Planning permission refers to the formal permission given from local authorities to build or modify structures and is generally given as a building permit. Shipping containers are considered temporary structures and as such do not legally require a building permit. If however, the container is going to be situated in a dense residential area, then checking with local authorities is advised.

How much does it cost to make a home out of a shipping container?

While Tiger Containers do not formally make houses from shipping containers, we do modify them into granny flats, student retreats etc.  Cost depends on factors including the condition, size, and age of the container and other factors. Costs can arise from the upfront payment of an empty container, labour and modifications to the container to make it liveable. Best to get a quote >

What is the internal width of a shipping container?

For all shipping containers, no matter the length, the internal width is always 2352 mm/2.352 m or 8ft wide.

How much does an empty new or used shipping container cost?

The cost of shipping containers varies depending on whether the container is new or second-hand and whether you buy or hire it. Another factor is the cost to transport the container from the depot to your location.

Are container homes cheaper?

One of the appealing aspects of a shipping container home is their affordable price.

How long do container homes last?

Typically, new shipping containers will last approximately 25 years as a home with little to no maintenance. This number will vary, however, depending on the climate in which the house is situated along with several other factors.

How do you insulate a shipping container?

Insulation for your shipping container comes in the form of spray foam which may be applied to both the internal and external walls of your shipping container as well as on the base of the container to prevent moisture seeping in from the ground.

What is the best way to insulate a shipping container?

Spray foam insulation is the cheapest, easiest, quickest and most convenient method of insulating your shipping container. This insulating foam can be sprayed on both internal and external surfaces as well as the base of the container.

How hot do shipping containers get inside?

Generally, shipping containers are constructed from steel and as a result do get hot. When not insulated, the internal temperature of shipping containers will generally match the external temperature outside.

What is a one trip container?

One trip shipping containers are essentially the same as new shipping containers. One trip shipping containers are containers that are used to transfer only one load before being sold- i.e. they only take “one trip” before being sold on.

How many square feet are in a 40ft container?

In a standard-size 40ft shipping container, there are 320 square feet of available space. This figure, however, will vary for the different types of 40ft shipping containers such as high cube containers.

How tall are shipping containers?

The heights of shipping containers vary depending on their lengths and types. Standard 10ft containers have an internal and external height of 2.39m and 2.59m respectively. Standard 20ft containers have an internal and external height of 2.39m and 2.79m respectively. Standard 40ft containers have an internal and external height of 2.39m and 2.59m respectively.

What is a WWT Shipping Container?

A WWT Container is short for Wind and Watertight. These are sea worthy containers that have doors that form a firm seal when closed in order to keep the elements out during transport.

standard containers sizes

10ft container cut downs fully painted grey

Perfect for storage when space is at a premium

Readily transported

Half the size of a single car garage

20ft container premium a grade fully painted

Most popular container size

Great for shipping, storage or modification

High cube and Open top variations to suit your needs

40ft high cube container a grades spot painted inside and out

The largest container option

Economical for shipping larger quantities

Can be repurposed for a variety of uses

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