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Tiger Containers is renowned throughout Australia for supplying versatile shipping containers of the highest quality but at cost-effective and very fair prices. Not only do we stock a wide range of shipping containers for sale, but we also have containers for hire as well. So if you’re needing a container for a short term temporary storage solution or long term storage option call us today to discuss a hire agreement.

30+ years of quality

For 30 years we have been market leaders in the hire of both new and used steel containers and refrigerated shipping containers for all manner of uses and general purposes. Our customer service team will get you sorted in no time.

Key Shipping Container Benefits and Features

All of our containers are of superior quality and backed by our 3-month warranty. We stand by our products and services. Just look at some of the benefits when you hire through Tiger Containers:

  • Ultra-high quality corrugated steel construction
  • Fast nationwide delivery
  • Weatherproof (water and airtight)
  • Highly versatile
  • Heavy-duty marine flooring
  • Very competitively priced
  • Containers shipped from Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Fremantle depots
  • Refrigerated and standard models available – backed by our 3-month warranty

No matter where you are in the country or what your intended purpose is, all Tiger shipping containers are of superior quality, so you will have complete peace of mind when you hire from us.


Shipping containers for hire

Huge Selection of Cargo Shipping Containers for Hire

Currently, the sizes and models of shipping containers we have available include:

  1. 10ft Container
  2. 20ft Standard
  3. 40ft High Cube
  4. 20ft Reefer
  5. 40ft Reefer

20ft Standard Container

The 20ft Standard shipping container is both air and water tight and is perfect for storage or shipping of dry goods. At 2.6m in height and 2.4m wide, there is loads of room inside a 20-footer, with an internal volume of over 33 cubic metres.

Key features include:

  • Heavy duty marine quality timber floors
  • Doors open to a 270 degree angle for easy access
  • Lashing points on the floor for securing contents
  • Robust steel construction with corrugated walls for extra strength

40ft High Cube Container

Not only is the 40-footer double the length of its 20 foot cousin, you also benefit from some added head room with the high cube design. That extra foot can make a big difference. Whether you are planning on shipping goods, storing goods, or want to use this monster container for a multitude of other purposes, you’ll be amazed at just how much you can fit in a forty foot steel shipping container.

Some key features:

  • Steel construction and corrugated walls for superior strength
  • Forklift pockets for easy moving
  • 270 degree opening doors for ease of loading/unloading
  • Hardy marine flooring
  • Many lashing points for securing goods

20ft Reefer Container

The twenty-foot reefer cargo container is a refrigerated shipping container, and one of the most popular in the Tiger Containers’ range. If you are storing or moving perishable goods, then hiring a 20-footer is likely the right choice for you. Temperature control can be varied from minus 25 degrees to plus 25 degrees, depending on your specific requirements. The container comes with a series of internal electrical outlets and loads of storage space.

Key features are:

  • Doors opening to 270 degrees
  • Refrigerated container
  • Over 33 cubic metres of internal storage space
  • Heavy duty corrugated steel construction
  • Multiple lashing points

40ft Reefer Container

This is the big daddy of our refrigerated container range, offering double the usable space of the twenty footer. If you need maximum, climate controlled storage, then you’ll want to check out this mega shipping container. It’s the second most popular storage cargo container in the Tyne range. These containers can be repurposed for all manner of uses and it really is a super versatile container.

Main features include:

Refrigerated from minus 25 degrees to plus 25 degrees
Super tough corrugated steel construction
Doors open to 270 degrees for easy loading/unloading
Forklift pockets for transportation
Multiple internal lashing points for securing goods
Electrical outlets

Some Popular Uses for Our Shipping Cargo Containers

On-Site Office Space

Hiring either a 20ft or 40ft Standard container from Tiger to use as on-site office space is one of the most popular reasons for hiring. Not only do these containers make for great temporary building site offices, but they are also super secure to store valuable gear and equipment inside. Another bonus is they are a completely portable storage option.

Storage Units

Also one of the most popular reasons for hiring either a Standard container or refrigerated model is storage; either for business or even at home. Your goods are safely stowed away in an airtight and waterproof environment that can be locked uptight.

Pop-up shops

The advantage of using a modified storage container for a pop-up shop is portability, along with super solid construction. Transport your storefront anywhere. No need to remove the contents. Definitely worth considering either the 10ft, 20ft or 40ft container for this option.

Granny Flat

It might sound a little unusual, but you can actually make a mini apartment out of a storage container. Think of how simple it is to construct an extra room by hiring a shipping container. Our team at Tiger are experts when it comes to cargo container modifications for all different purposes.

Sheds or Man Cave

Turn a shipping container into a backyard shed, workshop or even a cool man cave. Even the smaller containers are very spacious, so there is loads of room to store tools, work on your favourite hobby, or invite your mates over to drink a few cold ones and watch some sport. A shipping container is like a purpose-built structure perfect for a shed or workshop. And it’s highly secure.

Portable Toilet Facilities

If you’re holding a function or a sporting events, perhaps even a music festival, then a shipping container can be modified and hired to perform the role of a temporary portable toilet block. It’s mobile, so easily transported from place to place, and there is room to even create washrooms in addition to toilet cubicles.

The Advantages of Hiring from Tiger Containers

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