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As the internet continues to grow and develop, telecommuting has become much more effective enabling entrepreneurs to conveniently work from home.

Working from home has several advantages, these include:

  • Having more time to spend with your family.
  • Better work-life balance.
  • More freedom.
  • And tax advantages.

In addition to these benefits, a home office also lessens the financial effort required to start a business as it provides workspace at a low price – you know how expensive office space can be.

In most homes, however, space comes at a premium, which means finding room to set up a tiny home office – let alone a spacious one – is somewhat a pipe dream.

But even when a spare room is available, sometimes it’s still not possible to convert it into an office for one reason or another. Don’t despair though, if you’ve got a large enough space on your property, then there could be a solution that would allow you to have your dream office; the shipping container!

From steel box to home office

Invented more than five decades ago, the ISO shipping container has revolutionised how we move cargo. But even though containers are extremely important for shipping, they become a problem as soon as they deliver the cargo they were carrying as transporting them back to their port of origin is expensive.

Because of high translocation costs, importers opt to buy new ones rather than re-using the old ones creating a problem; surplus containers lying idle in yards with no use. These ‘useless’ steel boxes provide the perfect solution for anyone trying to create affordable space. With just a few modifications, a shipping container can be transformed into a comfortable, functioning home office.

The concept of converting shipping containers to create shelters for different uses is not new. People have been upcycling these steel boxes ever since they came into existence. It’s only recently, however, (fuelled by growing global trade and increased environmental awareness) that the trend has picked up pace. Cargo containers have for long been used by the military to build hospitals and mobile offices. They’ve also been used in disaster-struck zones for shelter and clinics.

Traits that make shipping containers ideal for office conversions

There’re several characteristics that make shipping containers a good office construction material.


Cargo containers are made to withstand the rough conditions of the sea. Their innate strength makes them ideal for modification as no extra work is needed to make them secure.


The infrastructure to move shipping containers is readily available which makes it easy and affordable to move your container structure from one location to another.


If you require more room, but there isn’t enough space to fit more than one container, you can stack several to create a multi-storey structure.


Acquiring a new or used shipping container for construction is cheaper than building an office using traditional materials.

Choosing the right container for your office

It might look quite straightforward, but there are several considerations you need to make when buying a shipping container to convert into an office.


The size of the container you buy will be determined by the amount of office space you require and the space available for the office. Depending on these, you can choose between 10ft, 20ft, and 40ft containers. Custom sizes are also available.

New or used container

A used cargo container is less expensive than a new one, but a new one will be in pristine shape and condition.

Delivery fees

Depending on your location, delivery of the container could be included or charged separately. Ask before you buy.

Features of the sea container

Some shipping containers might have some extra features such as racks, ramps or ventilation which could help reduce conversion expenses.


Some of the modifications you need to install on your shipping container to transform it into a functional office include: Doors and windows, Insulation, Heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC), Wiring, lighting and electrical i.e. lights, sockets, phone, and internet, Flooring.

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