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Tiger Containers understands that ablution blocks are required for high traffic scenarios and need safe, considered and hygienic planning.

We have worked with many building and construction sites, event sites and sporting clubs that need toilets and/or bathrooms.


At Tiger Containers, we know that bathrooms are essential for any location where people are going to be spending more than an hour of their time. Construction sites, sporting events, functions and music events are all situations where bathrooms are highly necessary, but often difficult to get into place.

Our ablution blocks are a great, portable solution to this problem. Since cargo containers are ideal for transport, it’s easy to get the ablution units in and out of the location.

Tiger Containers has the experience and industry know-how to convert your sea container ablution unit to your exact requirements.

Here are the great benefits of our shipping container ablution units.

Get an ablution unit that is hygienic, easy to maintain, and crafted specifically to meet your needs.

The facility is in one self-contained unit, so it’s easy to set up and take away as required.

Going to have a lot of people at your event? Not a problem. Our ablution units are designed to withstand high-traffic environments.

Our high quality, reliable containers meet all Australian standards.


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