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Used Shipping Containers

Second-Hand Shipping Containers

When you need extra storage space there’s no better solution than your very own storage container. Here at Tiger Containers, you’ll find plenty of used shipping containers for sale at the most reasonable prices. Choose from 10, 20 and 40ft containers of different specifications. With our high-quality containers, you’ll never run out of secure storage space again!

Second-hand shipping containers are great not only for storing large or excessive items, but also for constructing various structures. You can have a shipping container workshop, office, cafe, even a used shipping container pool! And the benefits don’t just end there.

Why Buy a Used Container?

Second-hand shipping containers are generally more affordable than brand new ones since they’ve already been used before. But probably the biggest benefit to buying used containers is how much it can benefit the earth. Millions of containers are being used worldwide every day, and it takes a lot of energy to melt old ones down and create new ones. When you choose to get a used container, none of that energy or additional resources is expended, the container is simply reused as it is.

Used shipping containers also make great options for modifications. Slight damage or signs of wear and tear won’t matter much if you’re planning to refurbish and customise the container anyway. With a used container you have all the freedom to customise your container, all for a lower cost and while recycling over 2,000 kilograms of steel!

Trusted Providers of Quality Used Containers

With more than 35 years of experience and operation, Tiger Containers has developed a solid reputation of providing high-quality shipping containers throughout Australia, and we continue to do so with our used shipping containers. We offer a great range of used shipping containers that can be delivered to wherever you are in Australia. Visit your nearest Tiger Containers depot now or call 1800 072 039 to enquire about our available second-hand units. Our head office is in Sydney.

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