New Shipping Containers


Looking to buy new shipping containers but don’t want to spend more time, money or effort on refurbishing it? You can buy a brand new one from Tiger Containers!

Here at Tiger Containers, we offer a slew of newly-built containers ready for use and ideal for various applications. These pristine containers are perfect for building shipping container homes, shops and offices, or for storing dangerous or volatile goods.


While buying a brand new container may not be the most eco-friendly choice, it can sometimes be a necessary one. If you neither have the time nor the resources to refurbish an old container, a new one will certainly be a logical and practical choice. You can also rest assured knowing that the container you buy is totally free from any signs of damage, chemicals or rust. This is a particularly important consideration if you plan on storing sensitive items, need to use the container immediately, or are converting the container into accommodation.

Tiger Containers has long been a trusted provider of both old and new containers in Australia. We guarantee high quality, durable shipping containers built to exacting standards and with quality materials. If you’re looking to buy a new shipping container in Australia, you can trust that Tiger Containers will give you nothing less than the best.


We have several new containers for sale in various sizes and specifications. Please visit your nearest Tiger Containers depot or call us on 1800 072 039 for more information on our available units.

We also offer comprehensive container customisation services. Whatever you may require for your container, be it windows, doors, electricity and more, you can count on Tiger Containers to give you exactly what you need. Our experience in shipping containers and container modification spans almost four decades – there’s practically no customisation job we can’t handle. If you’d like to know more feel free to call us now on 1800 072 039.