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Secure, weatherproof and versatile, the uses for the 20ft shipping container are endless.

Because of its middle-of-the-road sizing, the 20ft container has proven to be the most popular shipping container for almost all uses.

Their more compact size enables the containers to be transported using smaller, manoeuvrable vehicles and be stored in smaller spaces – approximately a single parking space. This while still providing adequate room for storage.

Although they remain the standard for portable storage, these metal boxes can also be repurposed into a myriad of modified container products. This has seen shipping containers being used in a variety of industries such as construction, retail, hotel and leisure, energy, mining, housing and much more.

Technical Specifications

The technical specifications for the 20ft shipping container are as follows:

  • Tare Weight: 2130 kg (approx.)
  • External length: 6.10m
  • External width: 2.44m
  • External height: 2.59m
  • Internal length: 5.90m
  • Internal width: 2.35m
  • Internal height: 2.39m )
  • Capacity: 560ft3 (15.89m2)
  • Payload: 28, 350 kg
  • Laden weight: 30, 480 kg

All our 20ft shipping containers come with the following features:

  • A robust all-steel construction with corrugated walls for extra strength.
  • Heavy duty marine timber flooring.
  • Heavy duty wide opening doors (270 degrees).
  • Floor lashing points for securing goods.

Other additional features can also be added upon request to suit specific needs.

20ft container variations

20ft high cube container.

This is a slightly taller version of the standard cargo container and is
designed to provide extra headroom for taller cargo. It retains all the other
traits of the standard container but with a taller build.

20ft open top container

This type of container has an open roof design and is meant for transporting extra tall cargo that cannot fit inside a high cube container.

Shipping cargo

This is the reason why the shipping container was invented. It enables consolidation of goods, makes handling easier and enables easy transition from one mode of transport to another. This while keeping the goods inside safe from the elements, theft, and pilferage.


This mobile store will work just as well when put in a fixed location to keep the things inside safe. Just about anything can be stored in the sea container including tools, machinery, sporting equipment, documents, household items, motor vehicles and more. They can also be used as independent sub-storage units within the warehouse for storing expensive items.


Cargo containers have proven quite popular outside their normal realm and are increasingly being converted into different structures for use outside the shipping industry. Popular shipping container conversions include accommodation, offices, ablution units, sheds, pop-up shops and cafes among others.

Benefits of 20ft
shipping containers

Robust and durable

Shipping containers are built to withstand the rough conditions of open sea which makes them hardy and durable.


The 20ft shipping container can be used for a variety of purposes such as shipping, conversion or storage.


Sea container conversions provide a way of making structures using re-purposed old shipping containers improving the way we utilise resources and minimising wastage.

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