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This is the smallest container you can have and is exactly half the size of the 20ft unit.

The 10ft shipping container comes in handy when space is at a premium, but you still require the strength and portability of a shipping container.

The 10ft container is about half the size of a single car garage and this makes them ideal for small space storage applications, but they can also be modified to make countless shipping container products.

This sized container is not very common in shipping, so second-hand 10ft containers are usually made by cutting a 40ft container into four equal parts and adding back walls and doors to the cutout pieces. One piece retains the original back end of the larger container while another retains the original door of the container.Tiger containers supplies both new and used 10ft shipping containers for sale and hire. Our containers are of high standard and are competitively priced.

Technical Specifications

The specifications for the 10ft cargo container are as follows:

  • Tare Weight: 1200 kg (approx.)
  • External length: 3.05m
  • External width: 2.44m
  • External height: 2.59m
  • Internal length: 2.79m
  • Internal width: 2.35
  • Internal height: 2.39 )
  • Capacity: 15.89m3
  • Payload: 8 960 kg (approx.)
  • Laden weight: 10 160 kg (approx.)

All 10ft containers feature the standard all-steel construction, forklift pockets for easy movement and lashing points for cargo.

  • 10ft containers that are cut out from a 40ft container have no standard doors and will be fitted with whatever type of door the customer requires.
  • Because these containers are still manufactured to ISO transportation standards, they can still be used for shipping and transportation by rail.

Other additional features can also be incorporated to meet the customer’s requirements.

10ft container variations


This is probably the oldest way of using shipping containers other than shipping. A container, with very few modifications, can be converted into a store for different kinds of goods. They can be used for on-site storage, to complement existing storage facilities or as a temporary storage solution.

In addition to selling shipping containers modified for secure storage, Tiger Containers also provides a secure facility with 24/7 camera surveillance where you can keep the container.


The container can be converted into numerous things including stores, cafes, and offices among other things.


Dangerous goods can be defined as time and temperature sensitive products and can include food, medicine and other perishable items. Tiger Containers specialises in the storage of petro-chemical storage and paint thinners. We understand the importance in maintaining the quality and integrity of your products and will modify shipping containers to meet your exact requirements.

Benefits of 10ft
shipping containers


Because the container is about 3m in length, it can fit in the smallest of spaces saving you the headache of having to look for space to put it.

Enhanced mobility

The smaller size of the container makes it more mobile as it can fit on smaller, more manoeuvrable vehicles as compared to larger units.

Toughness and durability

This container is made of high-quality steel and has all the durability features of the larger sized containers. This will ensure that the container lasts for a very long time.

standard containers sizes

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