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  • Large Shipping Containers

The Beginning – where did shipping containers come from?

Before 1956, goods used to be loaded onto ships and offloaded directly one piece at a time, which was very slow.

One man, Malcom Maclean, noticed this problem and solved it by inventing the shipping container. A few improvements have been made since then to create the present day ISO container.

At the moment, about 90% of global trade is carried by sea with shipping containers playing a major part. It’s estimated that at any one time there are about six million containers being transported around the world on ships, trucks, and train. Most of these originate from China – where most of the world’s goods (and the containers themselves) are manufactured.

Of these, only a small fraction will be transported back to their port of origin for re-use due to high relocation costs which leads to the “abandonment” of shipping containers in their places of delivery. This phenomenon has made shipping containers abundantly available at low costs virtually everywhere in the world.

Brief history of shipping containers


Cargo containers were first used in the 1950s when they were initially developed for the purpose of commercial shipping


Malcolm McLean used a converted Worl War II tanker called the Ideal X on April 26, 1956 to transport 58 metal container boxes and 15,000 tons of bulk petroleum from Port Newark to Houston, Texas


The ship “Hawaiian Merchant” successfully transported 20 containers from Alameda in 1958


Matson Navigation
constructed a container ship
called the Hawaiian Citizen
in 1960


Grace line then introduced a fully containerized ship called the Santa Eliana wich entered the realm of foreign trade when her destination was venezuela in January, 1960


The Internal Organization for Standardisation set standards for cargo containers in 1961 and this now applies across the global Industry for International shipping.


A regulation was enacted in 1972 by the Inter-governmental Maritime Consultative Organization regarding both the safe handling and the transport of shipping containers

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