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At Tiger Containers, Shipping Container customisation is key.

Tiger Containers are industry leaders in the conversion and modification of new and used containers.  We can customise containers for whatever you need.

Tiger Containers complies with Australian Standards and modifies sea containers to meet your precise requirements.

Contact us for all your container customisation requirements.

Refrigerated Shipping Containers

Looking to rent or buy a refrigerated shipping container? Tiger Containers modifies sea containers and supplies hard frozen or chiller refrigeration for foods or products. We tailor to your requirements, provide you competitive pricing and offer onsite warranty service 24/7. We can offer you Cold shipping containers in a variety of dimensions.

Dangerous Goods Storage & Containers

Dangerous goods can be defined as time and temperature sensitive products and can include food, medicine and other perishable items. Tiger Containers specialises in the storage of petro-chemical storage and paint thinners. We understand the importance in maintaining the quality and integrity of your products and will modify shipping containers to meet your exact requirements.

Ablution Block & Bathroom Solutions

At Tiger Containers, we know that bathrooms are essential for any location where people are going to be spending more than an hour of their time. Construction sites, sporting events, functions and music events are all situations where bathrooms are highly necessary, but often difficult to get into place. Our ablution blocks are a great, portable solution to this problem. Since cargo containers are ideal for transport, it's easy to get the ablution units in and out of the location.

Shipping Container Offices & Converted Site Offices

We have 30 years’ experience converting shipping containers into secure and quality onsite offices. In fact, Tiger Containers’ HQ is a shipping container office. The benefits are: security, quality and customisation – Tiger Containers will modify containers to a site office to your exact requirements. We take care of lighting, flooring, doors, electricity and air conditioning. The cost of a cargo container office is less than you think.

Shipping Container Kitchens

Shipping containers converted to kitchens are easy to get into place and easy to take away when they’re no longer needed. Whether it’s for a one-day event or for a few weeks, a cargo container kitchen will fit the bill. We customise our container kitchens to meet your exact needs, so whatever the occasion you can be sure you’ve got the kitchen to suit. We’ll deal with lighting, flooring, doors, electricity, and all the complicated stuff.

Houses & Accommodation

Why get a shipping container house? There are a lot of reasons to get a sea container converted into accommodation. Maybe you're going on a holiday and want a place that's more flexible than a regular holiday home. Or maybe you're getting your bedroom remodelled and find yourself without a place to sleep. It could be that your house is still getting built and you need a place to live until it's done. Or any of the other hundreds of reasons.

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