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What are some common shipping container uses and modifications?

Because of the sea containers availability, affordability, durability and versatility; this modular structure is being used for numerous purposes outside of shipping.


This is probably the oldest way of using shipping containers other than shipping. A container, with very few modifications, can be converted into a store for different kinds of goods. They can be used for on-site storage, to complement existing storage facilities or as a temporary storage solution.

In addition to selling shipping containers modified for secure storage, Tiger Containers also provides a secure facility with 24/7 camera surveillance where you can keep the container.


Whether you want a complete home, a holiday home or an addition to your existing home, sea containers provide an affordable yet durable alternative. Tiger Containers will provide quality cargo containers for your project and make all the necessary modifications for a living space that meets your specific needs.

We’ll install everything you require for comfort such as air conditioning, windows, doorways, electricity wiring, flooring, plumbing and any other amenity you require. Cargo containers give you a way to build a comfortable custom house at an affordable price.

Ablution Units

Sea containers can be modified into safe, hygienic ablution blocks ideal for high volume use such as at large events, construction sites and sporting clubs where toilets and bathrooms are required urgently. Tiger has been providing these types of units for years and will conduct all modifications including plumbing.


If you’re looking for a temporary kitchen for a company function or for temporary use as your home’s kitchen gets repaired, shipping containers provide a practical and hygienic solution. A full sized heavy or light duty kitchen can be fitted into a container with all the amenities you have come to expect from your traditional kitchen.

Some of the other modifications that we do for shipping containers include shipping container swimming pools, container offices, shipping container farms, dangerous goods containers and so much more.

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