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Address: 111 Bonds Road, Punchbowl, Riverwood, Sydney, NSW 2196 Australia
Tel: 1800 072 039
Fax: (02)95195812

Our depot in Sydney supplies shipping containers to all of NSW, including:

Shipping Containers in Wollongong

The Best Place to Buy New and Used Shipping Containers in Wollongong

Tiger Containers near Wollongong offers a wide variety of new as well as used shipping and storage containers at reasonable prices throughout the Wollongong area. As a premier supplier of shipping containers, we specialize in supplying brand new or used containers to companies and individuals across Australia with our well-established delivery network. So, if you are looking for shipping containers in Wollongong, then you have reached the right place. With over 3 decades of expertise in the industry, Tiger Containers have been serving its clients with quality yet affordable shipping containers.

A Premium Range of Shipping Containers in Wollongong

At Tiger Containers, our mission is to supply high-quality containers at the most competitive prices. All the units are individually examined by our quality experts prior to leaving the depot.

With a team of experienced and talented professionals, we are able to supply a shipping container precisely to your needs. Made with high standard and international quality steel, all our shipping containers are durable, well-built, and weather-resistant. Further, they can customize shipping containers exactly according to your requirements.

Used Shipping Containers: A Budget-Friendly Option

You can also buy used shipping containers in Wollongong from us at extremely affordable prices. These shipping containers are clean and tidy and of a very high standard. If you need a shipping container only for a short time, then our shipping container hiring services can prove to be extremely useful to you.

You Can Use Shipping Containers for:

  • Portable lodging units; for instance for mine and construction sites.
  • Portable offices; for instance building construction locations.
  • Portable food vans, bistro or café.
  • Storage room for keeping household goods.

Features of our 10′, 20′ & 40′ shipping containers:

  • Solid steel structural constituents
  • Standard double doors
  • Timber flooring
  • Complete 270-degree opening doors
  • Security lock box implemented on request

Accessories include:

  • Whirlybirds
  • Air Vents
  • Additional doors
  • Heavy duty shelving
  • Container Ramps

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    Shipping Container Repair for construction companies

    Why Choose Tiger Containers


    We have been supplying and modifying shipping containers for close to four decades now. This experience has made us more efficient and better at doing what we do. All the solutions we provide have been tried, tested and deemed to be effective. So you can rest easy with the knowledge that we don’t just know what we are doing, we’re good at it too.

    Competitive Pricing

    We understand that the ‘one size fits all’ pricing strategy will not actually fit everyone, that’s why we keep a wide range of containers to suit every budget. We strive to ensure that our customers always get more than they pay for.

    Quick Deliveries

    Containers might seem like difficult things to transport for people who don’t do it regularly. We have however perfected the art and will have your shipping container delivered to you with minimum delay to any location in and around Sydney. We can also arrange delivery to any part of New South Wales.

    Local facilities in Sydney

    We have a depot in Sydney where customers can communicate with our staff directly and view our products. This makes conducting business a lot easier for people who prefer a personal touch.

    Over 25 Years Experience

    All Products Guaranteed
    Sea Container Certifications
    Buy Direct from the Depot
    Container Modification Experts

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