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Address: Port Beach Road, Lot R114, North Fremantle WA 6159
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Our Fremantle depot supplies shipping containers to all of Western Australia and Perth

Tiger Supplies shipping containers to the greater Western Australia

If you are looking for the very best shipping containers in Western Australia, then look no further than the experienced team of experts at Tiger Containers.

No matter what you might need a shipping container for – cargo transport, storage, an on-site office for your building company, or even for modifying for specific purposes – our team has definitely got you covered.

Hiring or buying, new or used, not matter what you need, get in touch with Tiger Containers today.

Tiger Containers for New & Used Shipping Containers in Western Australia

Anything that’s brand new is always so much nicer, and that even goes for the humble shipping container.

There are no marks on a new container, no odours lingering from previous cargo, no dents or scratches and the paint work is pristine.

But if it’s not an issue, the greatest advantage of using a second-hand shipping container is it’ll be cheaper. Used containers are the perfect solution for repurposing for other uses, such as an on-site office for a construction company, or even storage at the workplace or home.

Should You Buy Or Hire a Shipping Container in Western Australia?

Apart from offering both new and used containers, at Tiger Containers we also sell and hire our containers. The best option really depends on what you want to use the cargo container for.

If you require a shipping container on a more permanent basis, like for converting into extra space around the home, then it makes perfect sense to buy the container rather than continuously pay the cost of hiring.

For temporary purposes, such as the storing goods locally while moving or for a temporary site office, then hiring is the logical choice.

No matter what your individual requirements, be sure to talk to Tiger Containers first for all your shipping container needs in Western Australia.

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    The Many Varieties of Shipping Container

    Some people think there is only one or maybe 2 types of shipping container, but there is actually quite a decent range. Let’s look at them briefly.

    General purpose shipping containers – This is a very common container and one of the most popular. It’s most often used as a storage facility and for transporting cargo.

    High cube shipping container –  What this container offers over the general purpose model is an extra foot of internal height, making the high cube perfect for cargo that’s a little on the tall side.

    Dangerous goods containers – Dangerous goods might include things like harsh chemicals, acids, certain electronic devices and so on. Dangerous goods containers are purpose built for storing and transporting dangerous cargo.

    The flat rack container – This is like flat pack furniture. You can actually collapse the walls for easy transport and storage.

    Refrigerated containers – These containers maintain an even refrigerated temperature for perishable cargo.

    Temperature controlled containers – These are often called “reefer” containers. They have a thermostat so the temperature inside the container can be precisely controlled.

    The open top container – If cargo needs to be loaded by a crane, then the open top container is the number one choice. Once loaded, the roof is then covered with a removable tarp.

    Side opening containers – If cargo needs to be loaded with a forklift or is extra wide, then the side opening container allows much easier access for getting bulky items loaded fast.

    Office and site containers – Modified and built especially for on-site offices for the construction industry, or anywhere you require a temporary, movable office that’s also highly secure.

    Unique Ideas for Shipping Container Modifications

    The transporting of cargo and the storing of goods are the two most common uses of a shipping container. What many people may not realise though, is just how versatile shipping containers can be when converted for other uses.

    Let’s quickly look at some cool and unique ideas:

    • Create your own workshop for home or business
    • Open a unique roadside kitchen or store
    • Shipping containers make awesome man caves
    • Transform a shipping container into a secure, moveable office
    • Shipping container pop-up shops are becoming very trendy ideas
    • Build a mini, transportable restaurant
    • How about a super solid garden shed
    • A portable on-site toilet block
    • What about a granny flat or tiny house?
    • And so many other ideas…

    The possibilities are endless, and the expert staff at Tiger Containers in Mandurah can help bring your ideas into reality, and all for prices that’ll make you smile.

    Shipping Containers – Common Sizes

    Let’s take a peek at the 3 most common sizes of a shipping container:

    1. 10 foot
    2. 20 foot
    3. 40 foot

    Because of its versatility and cost-effectiveness, the 20-foot container is the most popular size. Next in line, to handle those big tasks, is the 40-footer. For those people with smaller cargo and on a tighter budget, then the 10 foot container can really come in handy.

    Because the 40-foot container is often overkill for many purposes, and the 10-footer is often too small, the 20 foot container often ends up being the obvious choice.

    Tiger Shipping Containers Western Australia Is All About Quality Components

    You want a shipping container that’s tough and built to last, as well as offering the utmost protection for your precious cargo.

    Tiger Containers always delivers quality in the following ways:

    • Easy moving with convenient forklift pockets
    • All walls are made from top quality corrugated steel
    • The floor is a heavy duty marine quality flooring material
    • For ease of loading/unloading, doors open a full 270 degrees
    • Internal lashing points for securing goods


    Accessories for Shipping Containers

    Who would have thought there were accessories for shipping containers, but there are, and quite a number of useful add-ons as well.

    Let’s see what they include:

    • Electricity to power your container
    • Gas strut covers
    • Padlocks for security
    • Furniture
    • Butcher-style doors for refrigerated containers
    • Loading ramps
    • Roller doors
    • Stairs
    • Handy shelving
    • Lighting for inside and outside
    • Slings


    About Tiger Containers Western Australia

    35 years industry experience right across Australia speaks volumes for the quality of our business. When people need shipping containers of all sizes for any purpose, Tiger Containers is often the very first container company to come to mind.

    We have depots conveniently located Australia-wide to ensure fast delivery at cost-effective prices, depending on your location.

    We even offer a 3 month warranty on many of our shipping containers.

    You can count on the friendly, expert team at Tiger Containers for superior services at fantastic prices, so give us a call today and chat about your requirements.

    Shipping Container Repair for construction companies

    Why Choose Tiger Containers

    Very Competitive Pricing

    Quality products and services is only part of the story when you deal with us. We also aim to make our shipping containers and modification services affordable for just about everyone. No matter what your requirements, it’s a win-win when you team up with Tiger Containers. Value for money is what it’s all about.

    Vast Experience

    Being in business for 35 years is testament to the quality of our company. We know this industry inside and out, allowing us to offer our valued clients high quality products and services, the right advice and all for some of the best prices in the business.

    Fast and Efficient Delivery

    With depots Australia wide and also in Fremantle, delivery of your shipping container will happen in quick time with competitive delivery costs, depending on your location. It takes an expert team to deliver a shipping container efficiently, and we’re the team you can count on.

    Local Facilities In Fremantle

    While being an Australian based shipping container company, Tiger Containers has a depot conveniently located right in Fremantle to service the needs of our local customers. We even offer a 3-month warranty on all shipping containers.

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