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Address: Port Beach Road, Lot R114, North Fremantle WA 6159
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Our Fremantle depot supplies shipping containers to Perth and Western Australia

Perth Shipping Containers

Tiger Containers is your #1 choice for quality shipping and cargo containers in Perth. New or used, buy or hire, our team of experts has definitely got you well covered. Whether you need to ship items overseas, want a container for storage, or even have some ideas about converting a shipping container for another purpose, we are the company to call in Perth.

Buy Or Hire a Shipping Container

Tiger Containers has a great range of shipping containers available for purchasing or hiring. It really just depends on your personal requirements whether hiring a container or purchasing one makes more sense.

Generally, people who wish to purchase a container will have more permanent needs for one, such as for storage. Whichever direction you want to go, you can be assured that you’ll receive the highest quality containers and the very best service when you go through Tiger Containers in Perth.

We Have Both New & Used Shipping Containers

The obvious advantages of a new shipping container are that these containers are in pristine condition. The paint work is perfect, there are no interior or exterior scratches, dents of scuff marks.

A big advantage to new containers is when you want to transport or store goods that could be susceptible to cross-contamination. With a used container you have no way of knowing what’s been transported or stored in it previously, and it could potentially contaminate your cargo.

Of course, a second hand shipping container is more cost effective if condition and previous cargo are not the major considerations. Used containers are perfect for using as onsite offices or storage, or even for being converted for another purpose.

Shipping Container Sizes

There are 3 common sizes for shipping containers and they are:

  1. 10ft
  2. 20ft
  3. 40ft

The 20ft shipping container is the most popular, followed by the mammoth 40ft. 10ft containers are useful for small cargo hauls and they are a cost-efficient solution. The 20 footer is the most versatile for the majority of purposes and is super popular.

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    The Different Types of Shipping Containers

    When it comes to the different varieties of shipping containers available in Perth, there are quite a few choices.

    Containers for dangerous goods – These containers are purpose built for shipping dangerous goods, such as chemicals and so on.

    Flat rack containers – The walls on these containers are collapsible, making for much easier transportation or storage of the container.

    General purpose shipping container – As the name suggests, this is your stock standard shipping container that is most commonly used for more general transportation and storage purposes.

    High cube shipping containers – The high cube container is about a foot taller than a standard sized container, making it ideal for transporting materials that are extra tall.

    Offices & site containers – These containers have been modified and purpose built for use as office space, particularly at locations such as building and construction sites.

    Open top containers – The open top container is ideal for transporting machinery as the open top allows easy loading via a crane. A temporary tarp roof is fixed over the top once the container has been loaded.

    Side opening containers – These containers have doors that open on the side, allowing much more space for ease of loading large items and quantities quickly.

    Refrigeration containers – The refrigerated container keeps perishable contents at an even temperature.

    Temperature controlled containers – Also known as a “reefer” container, this refrigerated container has a thermostat that can vary the temperature according to the requirements.

    Other Cool Uses for a Shipping Container

    We are all very aware that cargo containers are regularly used for transporting goods. And the second most common use would likely be for storage.

    However, there are other really cool uses for a Perth shipping container. Let’s very briefly list some great ideas:

    • A unique and trendy roadside kitchen
    • Build yourself a really cool man cave
    • Transform a shipping container into an office
    • Make a fully functioning workshop
    • Turn a container in a garden shed
    • Have a purpose-built mini restaurant
    • Even create a cozy tiny house or granny flat
    • Containers are perfect for pop-up shops
    • Portable on-site toilet facilities
    • And so much more…


    Tiger Containers has a team of container modification experts on staff. No matter what your idea is or how you want your shipping container transformed, you can have full confidence we’ll get it done to your designs and specs, and all for fantastic prices.

    Shipping Container Accessories

    Many people may not even realise it, but there are actually quite a few accessories for shipping containers. These accessories help turn your shipping container into one more suited to your individual requirements.

    Here’s a quick look at the accessories available:

    • Padlocks
    • Electricity
    • A butcher-style door
    • Container furniture
    • Gas strut cover
    • Interior/exterior lighting
    • Loading ramp
    • Stairs
    • Shelving
    • A sling
    • Even a roller door


    Quality & Components of Tiger Shipping Containers Perth
    All Tiger Containers are constructed from the highest quality steel for longevity and durability, ensuring your cargo is safe.

    Some key shipping container features include:

    • Tough corrugated walls made from top quality steel
    • Many lashing points for securing cargo
    • Very heavy-duty marine quality flooring
    • Forklift pockets that allow easy moving
    • The doors open a full 270 degrees for easy loading/unloading


    About Tiger Containers

    With more than 35 years of experience you know you are dealing with a company you can truly count on for all your shipping container needs. We are 100% Australian owned and operated and are renowned all around the country for great service, competitive prices and customer satisfaction.

    Via our Australia-wide depots, we can guarantee fast and efficient delivery of your required shipping container at very reasonable prices, depending on your location.

    We even offer a 3 month warranty on many of our shipping containers, so give us a call today and chat to our friendly staff about your requirements. We look forward to being of service to you.

    Shipping Container Repair for construction companies

    Why Choose Tiger Containers

    Very Competitive Pricing

    Quality products and services is only part of the story when you deal with us. We also aim to make our shipping containers and modification services affordable for just about everyone. No matter what your requirements, it’s a win-win when you team up with Tiger Containers. Value for money is what it’s all about.

    Vast Experience

    Being in business for 35 years is testament to the quality of our company. We know this industry inside and out, allowing us to offer our valued clients high quality products and services, the right advice and all for some of the best prices in the business.

    Fast and Efficient Delivery

    With depots Australia wide and also in Fremantle, delivery of your shipping container will happen in quick time with competitive delivery costs, depending on your location. It takes an expert team to deliver a shipping container efficiently, and we’re the team you can count on.

    Local Facilities In Fremantle

    While being an Australian based shipping container company, Tiger Containers has a depot conveniently located right in Fremantle to service the needs of our local customers. We even offer a 3-month warranty on all shipping containers.

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