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Address: 80 Canberra Street, Hemmant, Brisbane, Queensland – 4174 Australia.
Tel: 1800 072 039
Fax: (02) 9519 5812

Our depot in Brisbane supplies new and used cshipping containers to all of Queensland, including:

Tiger Containers Supplies Shipping Containers in Lismore

Tiger Containers supplies robust and high-quality shipping containers across Lismore and surrounds. Whether you need a new shipping container or wish to purchase a used one, we can deliver it for you. We manufacture shipping containers of all types using industrial strength steel components to ensure they can withstand inclement weather conditions.

Manufactured to international quality standards our shipping containers are ideal for transportation or storage for your goods. We have a large range of shipping containers to cater to your specific requirements that can be delivered to you directly. So, give Tiger Containers a call today to discuss your shipping container requirements.

Call Tiger Containers for Good Quality New and Used Shipping Containers in Lismore

New shipping containers have no dents, scratches and they are also painted. Used shipping containers are also great for storage and transportation they are available at a much lesser cost than the new ones. Used containers are thoroughly inspected by our experts to check if they still meet industry standards.

Features of Our Shipping Containers

We provide shipping containers that are built to last for years and to offer the utmost protection to your valuable goods. Options include:

  • High-security lockbox
  • Easy access cargo door for convenient loading
  • Extra strength long handle with innovative anti-slip rubber grip design
  • Small and Large door panel location can be customized as per client request
  • Timber floor offers extra protection

Size of Shipping Containers

We can offer new, used and customized shipping containers in 10, 20 or 40-foot sizes. They’re ideal for transporting or storing your goods. You can also use them to create a granny flat, pop-up bar or alternative housing if you wish – these are really versatile pieces of equipment!

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    Shipping Container Accessories

    Whether you want a shipping container for transporting, storage, or other purposes, we have a variety of shipping container accessories available for you to ensure you get the most from your container investment.

    Our shipping container accessories embrace the following five categories:

    • Shipping Container Security: Lighting for inside and outside, Padlocks for security
    • Shipping Container Insulation: Butcher-style doors for refrigerated containers
    • Shipping Container Capacity: Handy shelving
    • Shipping Container Utilisation: Electricity to power your container, gas strut covers
    • Shipping Container Accessibility: Loading ramps, Stairs, Roller doors


    Why Choose Tiger Containers for Shipping Containers near Lismore?

    Drawing upon 35 years’ experience, Tiger Containers has successfully established itself as a leader in the shipping container industry. We have depots across Australia to ensure timely delivery of containers at affordable prices. Furthermore, the company offers 3-months warranty for most of its shipping containers. So, contact us today to get quality containers at amazing prices.

    Shipping Container Repair for construction companies

    Why Choose Tiger Containers

    Competitive Pricing


    We stock a wide range of sea containers in Brisbane with an option to suit any kind of budget. We provide high-quality containers at competitive prices to ensure that our customers get the best value for their money.

    Fast and Efficient delivery

    Tiger containers has several depots in Australia including one in Brisbane to ensure that your container is delivered to you promptly – as soon as a day from purchase. Delivery costs will depend on your delivery location, the kind of container you have ordered and the vehicle to be used. All these will be explained at length by our team.

    Three month warranty

    Whether you’re buying a new or used shipping container, you can expect us to provide you with the highest quality product. And for your peace of mind, we also provide a 3-month warranty for all our shipping containers.

    We are local


    We are not only an Australian based and owned company, but we also have facilities in Brisbane to ensure all the support you require is within reach

    over 25 years experience

    Over 25 Years Experience
    Sea Container Certifications
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