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Shipping Container

A fairly new concept in the world of home construction is to use…

… shipping containers for houses. These containers are all the same uniform size and constructed out of sturdy steel. Shipping containers offer a quick and sustainable solution to building a home and basic containers can be laid side by side or stacked a top of one another to create a sizeable home for a family.


Shipping Containers for Houses – A Unique Solution

Once in place, the container(s) can be configured in the way that best suits the home plan and after completion, the home is ready for moving in. With traditional homes, a foundation must be built and that requires time to be set up. Once that has been completed, stick frame construction can proceed and then all the basic construction must be inspected and passed by local building authorities.

However, when you are using shipping containers for houses, all you need to do is purchase the components and have them delivered. A cement pad may be sufficient to sit the containers on, or you may want to use some type of concrete blocks as a foundation. The containers can be welded together to keep them in place, but some people prefer to keep them moveable.

The interior of a shipping container is a blank canvas and it is a simple matter to add insulation and wiring to the interior, as well as to have the entire unit plumbed. When people use shipping containers for houses, they save a great deal of time and money. The container is already a self-contained structure; all that needs to be done is to install windows and the interior structures such as walls and doors. Once the building has been completed, it is often not easy to see that the building is actually constructed from shipping containers.

Shipping Containers for Houses – Cost Effective Housing Solution

The cost of purchasing shipping containers for houses is a mere fraction of the cost of building a full-scale home using traditional building materials.

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The ready-made solution of a shipping container allows a person to have a home constructed and move in ready in a matter of a few weeks as opposed to long and drawn out timelines that are required to construct a home using traditional methods. Many young couples just starting out have very little disposable income and not much of a credit rating. Container houses are a great option for a first home.

When someone suggests that using shipping containers for houses is a good idea, many people picture a large steel box, but the possibilities to personalise a container and make it a home are simply endless. The structure itself is strong and can withstand all kinds of weather and environmental disasters. It is heavy enough that it will not be easily moved, and the construction of the shipping container makes it completely waterproof. The fire rating of this type of structure makes it one that insurance companies love, so home insurance will definitely be a lot more affordable.

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