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  • Large Shipping Containers

Although these days more and more people are shifting toward using shipping containers for homes, offices, and workshops.  It’s important to remember that many people still use containers for the simple purpose of storage. Here are four unique storage ideas for shipping containers.

Two to help you out at home, and two for businesses that require storage ideas.

Furniture Storage

If you’re moving and need to store furniture, or maybe renovating part of your home and need to clear it out, then using a shipping container for your storage ideas is perfect for you. You can load in your furniture – obviously not antiques or much-loved family items but definitely everything else – and leave it secure in your container without any worry.

Of course, to keep furniture in the best condition possible, you’ll need to protect it while in storage – mattress bags for mattresses are essential, as cover for tables and other wood products. This is to ward off the devastating effects that moisture can have – you’ll also need to place a natural desiccant such as silica gel inside the container to absorb as much moisture as possible.


When it comes to storing a car or any other heavy machinery in a shipping container, ventilation is undoubtedly the name of the game. If you want your car to work when it comes out of storage, keeping the vehicle at a safe temperature range and allowing air to circulate will ensure its integrity isn’t compromised – integrity here meaning vehicle parts such as the engine, the fluids and flammable liquids inside the car, and delicate internal electrical systems. If you can ensure proper ventilation while also keeping out moisture, rust, and mould, then a shipping container will store your car perfectly!

Files and paperwork

As a business owner, you’ll find that as the years go on, the rate at which files and paperwork pile up everywhere in your office or even home will exponentially increase, leaving you with cabinets and cabinets full of records and documents that you desperately need to be stored. A shipping container is the perfect storage idea for this problem, providing a place to securely store all that paper you need to hold on to but wish you could throw away. You can also keep your container on-site so your archives are accessible, while also clearing up your home or workspace.

Goods and inventory

If you’re in charge of a small-to-medium business that needs to store a similar amount of inventory, then a shipping container is a great and affordable option. Avoiding the need to rent a warehouse until you absolutely have to will save you money and time, since you don’t need to involve any extra personnel in looking after your stock. Best of all, a shipping container can be moved anywhere, so you can keep your goods in the place where they’re of most value to you and your business. You could even start a pop-up store out of your container, should the occasion call for it!

If you’re inspired to create your own shipping-container storage solution, then contact Tiger Containers today! Our affordable storage container hire will help you to find the container that matches your needs, and you can keep it for as long as you want!

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