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  • Large Shipping Containers

Sheeping (not a real word) with shipping containers, a revolutionary bike sharing service, the spread of sea containers to Canberra’s suburbs, and an eye-catching public artwork dubbed “containbow”: all in our monthly news roundup.

The giant shipping container rainbow

To celebrate its colourful social fabric and port life, Fremantle has set up a giant rainbow made from sea containers on Canning Highway near East Street. This is the largest art piece ever to be commissioned by the city coming at a cost of $145,000.

The arch-shaped rainbow comprises of 9 recycled shipping containers welded together to form one mega unit. The Mayor of Fremantle described it as “bold and very Freo” and believes it will emerge to become one of the most photographed and talked about landmarks in the region.
Rainbow (as it’s officially called) is the brainchild of Marcus Canning, an artist, and Fringe World chief executive.


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A sheep farmer saves water using cargo containers

A farmer from California, Mario Daccaretts believes he might have discovered a way to enrich cheese made from his sheep’s milk while at the same time conserving water. The farmer is using sprouted barley grown in shipping containers to feed his herd’s constant appetite.

The idea of growing barley as feed is not new, it’s the growing method that’s different. Because the barley is sprouted inside sea containers using hydroponics and indoor lighting, new plants are ready to harvest every six days.

The growing technic is especially advantageous as it enables all-year growing of barley which provides a constant supply of feed to the farmer. Also because indoor growing only uses 2 percent of the water it would take to grow the crop with traditional farming methods.


Bike sharing container shop

Eclectic vehicles have been getting a lot of press lately especially after Tesla’s immense success. All the focus has however been on cars, with bikes mostly being left out of the conversation. But one man is looking to change this.

Bill Moore has created an electric bike sharing service for more eco-friendly travel. The sharing service is based in a 20-ft sea container fitted with solar panels to charge the bikes.

Since the entire shop is built inside a cargo container, the unit can be shipped by sea or surface to any part of the world and be fully operational in under two hours. The technology is however in its infancy and requires further refining before it’s released on a large scale.


Shipping containers spreading to Canberra’s suburbs

Cargo containers are popping up all over the suburbs at an unprecedented rate. The majority of the shipping containers (about 85 percent) are being used for storage with the remainder being used for conversions.

One such conversion was done by Sanjay Kumar who converted his shipping container into an Indian eatery at the Westside pop-village back in September with huge success.

Even as the trend of using shipping containers grows in popularity, the ACT government still insists that although no permit is required for using a shipping container on residential land temporarily for loading and transportation, development approval is required if the structure is to be installed permanently.


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