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  • Large Shipping Containers

Just when you thought you’ve seen it all, your mind is blown! A floating hotel suite made entirely from shipping containers! Check it out in this article.
If waking up to a horizon-to-horizon ocean view is something you’ve dreamt of, then this is something you will be very interested in.

The brainchild of HotelTonight, a hotel booking app, The Spontaneity Suite is a luxurious pop-up hotel that offers adventurous Australians a chance to “… experience something unique and fulfil a different type of wanderlust.” It’s constructed from two 20ft containers placed on a barge like platform and offers all the facilities you’d expect from a traditional luxury suite including a rooftop Jacuzzi.

Costing $36,000, “Australia’s first travelling hotel suite” could be yours for a night. Oh, and an all-inclusive room service is available and delivered to you by a waiter transported on boat – talk about luxury.

This amazing innovation shows just how much can be achieved when you combine the power of human imagination and a highly adaptive construction material; the cargo container.

floating shipping container hotel suite


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