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  • Large Shipping Containers

All the space and durability of a regular shipping container, plus the temperature control of a regular refrigeration unit. With all that temperature-controlled space, what could you possibly put inside a refrigerated shipping container besides frozen food?

Those unfamiliar with refrigerated shipping containers or ‘reefers’ will often ask this question. But these cold, insulated shipping containers aren’t just one hit wonders. They can be extremely useful, and not just for keeping frozen food.

Food, Glorious Food

Of course, reefers were primarily invented to transport large quantities of food. This includes seafood, meat and poultry, dairy products, and fruits and vegetables. Reefers are able not only to keep their internal temperature cool but also ensure proper air circulation necessary to prevent food spoilage. Without these cool containers people all over the world would not be able to get fresh produce anytime of the year or a greater variety of food in their locality.

But as we’ve stated before, reefers are for more than just food. Basically all perishable goods can be stored and transported in them.

Beautiful Bouquets

One perishable item commonly transported via reefers are flowers. Flowers can be transported from South America, Europe and Asia and arrive fresh and fragrant in your bouquet thanks to refrigerated containers.

Speaking of bouquets, another item also transported regularly through refrigerated containers are wines. Wines, as any connoisseur will tell you, live and breathe according to the atmosphere around them. A sudden change in temperature could cause them to go bad, which is why it’s important that they’re transported in specialised, temperature controlled reefer containers.

Because of their ability to keep food, flowers and wine fresh and at their best, reefers are used more and more for large catering services and events that require those exact elements. Catering companies and events organisers often have their own units or get a refrigerated container for hire.

Movie Magic

Another, less well-known item that can be found in reefers? Movie set props. That’s right, movie props and equipment are also transported via reefers especially when filming in harsh environments or extreme outdoor locations. While this may seem unnecessary, it’s a step that can save a production company millions in damaged props and equipment. As the saying goes, better safe than sorry.

Moving Medicines

Transporting medicines is perhaps one of the most important roles that reefers have. There was once a time when these life-saving medicines could not be transported as efficiently due to the lack of refrigeration and ventilation technologies during transport. With increasing numbers of medicines now being transported on reefers, the cost of many medicines also decreased, giving more people access to these much needed medicines.

Because of this ability to store and transport large quantities of medicines as well as food, reefers have become very useful in military operations and disaster management. No other container quite has the same capabilities as the refrigerated container.

Reefers are great investments not just for those who want to transport perishable goods but also for businesses that require reliable storage of perishable goods in different locations. Thinking of buying refrigerated containers for sale? Make sure you get the best, only from Tiger Containers. We offer high quality refrigerated and insulated shipping containers for sale, and can customise these containers to your exact needs. Give us a call now on 1800 072 039 to discuss your specific requirements.

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