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  • Large Shipping Containers

Shipping containers can be used for a lot more than just shipping items overseas or across land on trains. They have been enjoying a surge in popularity in recent years as people have started to realise their value since they are easy to move and simple to modify for just about any purpose.

Many people are looking into modified shipping containers for a variety of buildings for living, working and vacationing as well as fine dining and everything in between.

Affordable Family Housing

It costs a lot of money to build a suitable home for a growing family these days. Shipping containers offer a great solution to the housing shortage and any number of containers can be used and fit together in just about any configuration.

Used shipping containers have a lot of appeal and capture the imagination of designers and home owners alike. What you are looking at is a blank canvas that can be used to create anything that you want to create, personalise as you wish and make into your home. The cost is far below that of standard building materials, and the containers can be placed with the use of a crane, onsite.


Shipping containers open up a whole new world because they are completely constructed all in one piece and do not need to be put together. The only thing left to do is place windows and doors in appropriate places in the containers. Once the containers are in place, the inside of them can be wired and decorated to the personal tastes of the home owners. Not much work is required for the container to be transformed to move in ready condition.

Here are some local applications:

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Eco Friendly Coffee House

Since shipping containers are plentiful and are a popular choice for many people as a suitable option for the seemingly unaffordable, the next logical step is for entrepreneurs to utilise these structures. Starting a business is expensive, but having a building that is affordable and has a small footprint can be one way around some big costs.

The Grande Cafe in Newstead offers fresh food and refreshments to local commuters in a hurry. The design is extremely efficient and reliable, with the café serving Italian breakfast and lunch items and pastries crafted by the café owners. The restaurant is just 16 square meters and has all the necessary supplies and equipment needed to create fine food.

The quaint little café is a destination for many commuters who make it part of their daily lives because they love the customer service, the convenient location and the charm of it.

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Lower Cost Prison Cells

It costs a lot of money to house prisoners and the use of shipping containers to build a local prison represented a cost savings of nearly $400,000 to taxpayers. They have been fitted with windows and doors and lighting, making them suitable for prisoners to live in.

The interior of the container looks just like any other prison cell with four walls and a bed and toilet.

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Container Bar

One of the most famous examples of using shipping containers in Melbourne is the Section 8 Container Bar. This street bar has an open and airy feel where people can come to relax, kick off their shoes and do whatever they please. The outdoor seating arrangement is an eclectic arrangement of wooden pallet tables and chairs and hanging plants.

There is always some kind of a funky band playing which just adds to the ambience of the bar. The space is small but that is what makes it a favourite hang-out for many people. Most visitors to Melbourne want to stop in just to see the small bar and its endless character.

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Containers for Ablution Units – These are something that Tiger Containers can create for any event. Most large events will need some type of portable toilet facility. Concerts and outdoor festivals or anywhere that large crowds of people gather is a good location for a portable ablution unit. These units contain toilets and sinks in any configuration that you need.

As you can see, shipping containers have a wide variety of extremely useful applications. All that is needed is for someone to need a building, whether it is temporary or permanent. Shipping containers provide the solution.

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