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  • Large Shipping Containers

Shipping containers can be particularly useful for a variety of purposes. If you think you need a shipping container, one of the many decisions that you will need to make is if you should purchase a container or hire it. The main determining factor of a rental or a purchase is what you will need the container for.

If it is for a short-term use, then rental may make monetary sense over a purchase. If you need the container for a longer period of time, it might make sense to buy one.

Hiring Shipping Containers

If you just need it for actually shipping items, as the container was designed to do, then hiring one is a good idea. The only time you will need the container is during the shipping process, and once your items are shipped to their destination, you will need to empty the container and remove your items to your home or wherever else you want them. If you plan to move several times, shipping containers can be extremely useful and can be used over and over again.

Renting a container is good for short and temporary uses such as short-term storage or you can hire a modified shipping container as a place to stay in while a home is being built or repaired.

Purchasing Shipping Containers

If you want to use shipping containers for a variety of uses on an ongoing basis, you should purchase one or several. The cost is reasonable and when you decide later that you no longer need the container you can re-sell it and recoup your investment. You may have seen homes built out of shipping containers or you may have seen them simply used as a storage shed. These containers are large enough to hold a lot of items and keep them secure in your yard until they are needed again in the future.

Shipping Container Uses

Whether hiring or buying a shipping container, there are many uses for shipping containers apart from the obvious and tradition means of conveying goods.

Shipping containers can be altered to suit just about any purpose. Windows can be installed, doors cut and the container can be divided into rooms. Several containers can be stacked on top of one another or placed beside each other and connected. The result is a series of containers that are connected to form a larger structure. This can become a unique home that will get you many compliments and accolades. People will want to know exactly how you created such a unique structure and how the plan came together.

For those who are looking for a small guest cabin or a vacation cottage that can be moved if necessary, a shipping container is a perfect solution. You do not have to worry about constructing a stick frame building because a shipping container already contains all of the necessary walls and structure. All that you need to do is come up with a plan and build the interior of the container by installing walls, electrical wiring and plumbing. This will create a usable space that is set up for someone to live in comfortably.

Shipping containers provide suitable buildings that are affordable and are portable if they need to be. If a building is placed in one spot, you can move it to another location if it is placed on a temporary foundation. A home can be built out of low-cost containers that can be configured into a variety of shapes and styles. Once the containers are connected to one another they are secure and ready to be lived in. Container living is a good solution for those who do not have a lot of money to spend on building a new home or would like the option of living mortgage free.

Please contact us if you have any questions about whether you should hire or buy a shipping container.

Shipping Containers: To Buy or Hire

The following are some of the pros and cons of hiring a shipping container instead of buying one.

Shipping containers are usually used for storage and transportation. However, a huge number of people have modified them for various other purposes. Before you can do anything with them, the first step will involve determining whether you want to buy or hire a shipping container.


Hiring a container is a good idea for short/temporary uses. They can be used as a semi-permanent storage facility or a short-term home. They are often ideal for people who are conducting household repairs.

Hiring a shipping container provides you with the opportunity to explore its different elements. You will also be able to ascertain whether or not it can perform your preferred functions.

Hiring a shipping container is a very good idea for events. It allows you to save on costs and still do what you want. If it’s a week-long tradeshow that happens every two years or a once-a-year event, the best option is to hire. It is a convenient way of delivering your goods and promoting your brand.

Most companies prefer to maintain a lean inventory that ensures their overhead costs are low. This technique also helps to reduce the tax and insurance requirements. By renting a shipping container, you can effectively manage your inventory in a more advantageous way. This means less overall costs.

You can purchase modified shipping containers and use them on a regular basis for different purposes. In many cases, it can be for a show or venue where you need to maximise the space you have.


If you wish to use shipping containers on an ongoing basis, it’s probably best that your purchase one or several. The cost of buying is quite reasonable when you take into account the fact that you can sell the container when you no longer need it, often with no loss of capital. Hiring a container over and over again can prove to be quite costly. If you need a shipping container for a custom-built home or a storing shed, these kinds of structures are usually built on a more permanent basis.

Hiring a shipping container requires that you will have to give it back the way you found it. You can’t make any permanent customisations and this might limit the containers practicality. When you buy a shipping container, you can engage in a complete customisation/modification project. You can have it built to your exact specifications. At the end of it all, you would have increased its value if you ever want to sell it.
In most cases, you will have to sign a hiring agreement before you receive the shipping container. This document usually contains a variety of rules that you need to follow; if you fail to do so, it can lead to penalties. If you have no defined timelines, it’s often best that you purchase the container. In the end, the cost of renting can exceed that of owning.

Hiring a shipping container involves a lot of care and precautions because it’s not your property. If the container gets damaged, you will have to cover the costs.

Shipping containers can be modified for a variety of uses. You can install windows and doors or divide it into different rooms. Several containers can also be stacked on top of each other or next to each other. The end result will be a series of containers that form a large structure. This is one of the main reasons why shipping containers are becoming such popular homes. If you’d like to discuss your shipping container requirements further contact us today.

Reasons to Hire or Buy a Shipping Container

Shipping containers are modular, stackable metal containers that have been conveying cargo by land and sea transport for the better part of a century. These steel boxes are built to withstand weight, moisture, and salt which makes them very durable.

As well as their traditional use (that of shipping goods by train, truck or boat), shipping containers have also been used by businesses and individuals for storage. And in recent years, these metal boxes have been shaped by builders and architects into offices, homes, stores, restaurants among other structures for varied uses.

In addition to durability, shipping containers are gaining popularity for alternative uses outside of shipping, such as construction, because they are:

–    Good for the environment. Their re-use ensures resources are not wasted.
–    Cheap. Their affordability makes them ideal for construction and other uses outside of shipping.
–    Readily available. Because shipping containers are available virtually anywhere in the world, finding one for a project becomes very easy.

Whatever your reason for looking for a shipping container, you’ll at one point need to make the all-important decision of whether to buy or rent the cargo container. There are a couple of things to be considered when making the decision such as the intended use and duration of use.

To help you figure out which option would best suit your needs, we’ve put together a list of the reasons why you would choose to hire instead of buying a container and another with the reasons that would make you buy instead of hiring.

10 reasons to hire a shipping container

Reasons to Hire Shipping Containers


  1. Seasonal needs – For those times you only require a shipping container for a season e.g. for storing out of season items such as winter gear and clothes, hiring a shipping container would be a much more economical option to buying.
  2. On-site storage – Shipping containers provide the perfect solution for on-site storage needs. They are very secure, easy to install and cost-effective.
  3. Temporary storage – A hired shipping container can be used to store items temporarily. You can store items safely while you get your house or office renovated, or as you make arrangements for relocation.
  4. Sporadic transport. Cargo containers are perfect for moving goods as several small items can be consolidated into one big regular shaped load. They also make loading, transportation, and handling a lot easier while reducing the risk of loss and damage to the cargo.
  5. Easy disposal – If you don’t want to deal with the disposal of the shipping container once you are done using it, hiring one is the better option as the owner will take it back once you are done using it.
  6. Avoiding maintenance – Though not often, sea containers do require maintenance from time to time to keep them in tip-top shape. Hiring the container will ensure the responsibility of maintenance is not yours.
  7. Flexibility – If you haven’t made up your mind on what kind of container would best suit your needs, hiring one would be ideal. This would enable you to exchange it with another one if it doesn’t fit your requirements.
  8. One-off use – For a one-off use such as for an event, a hired cargo container would suffice. It will get the job done at a minimum cost.
  9. Testing before buying – Sometimes you might not be sure whether a cargo container is what you require for your particular need. By hiring one, you can test it out for some days before you make a decision on whether to buy one.
  10. To supplement other assets – You may already own several cargo containers but require more for a short period. Hiring provides the extra capacity you require without adding to the number of assets.

10 reasons to buy a shipping container

  1. Long-term use – It’s a lot cheaper to buy a shipping container up front if you plan on using it for several years. Cumulative hiring costs will be more than the hiring cost after long periods.
  2. Customisation. Hired containers have a limit to the kind of modifications you can make on them. If you need to make large alterations, there is no other option but to by the sea container.
  3. Recurring transportation use – If you ship large quantities of goods on a regular basis, buying a cargo container would be more economical to hire one.
  4. For construction. Building permanent fixtures such as pop-up shops and container homes will require you to buy the shipping container.
  5. When serious damage is expected. Some uses for the shipping container could result in the container suffering serious damage. If you anticipate this will happen, buy the shipping container to avoid disputes with the owner of a hired one.
  6. Durability – Sea containers are built to withstand the rough nature of sea transportation. This makes them very durable and ideal for long-term use.
  7. Flexibility – Once you buy a shipping container, you will not need to buy another one if you need it for something else. Sea containers are flexible and can be transformed easily for various uses.
  8. Convenience – Making arrangements for a shipping container to be delivered every time you need to use one can be quite inconvenient. Buying one will ensure that the container is always at your disposal.
  9. Good investment – When you buy a shipping container, you can lease it out to other people when you are not using it for some extra income. You can also sell it to recoup some or all of the initial sum you paid for it when you need some cash.
  10. Cost efficiency – When used for building, shipping containers are a more cost-effective building material. They reduce the overall cost of construction while producing a durable structure with significantly reduced building time.

These lists will come in handy when you’re analysing your situation to help you make the best decision about for your needs.

At Tiger Containers, we provide both new and used shipping containers for sale and hire. Our containers are competitively priced and quality tested to ensure that you get the best value for your money. Contact us today for all your shipping container needs.

Looking for Shipping Containers For Sale Or Hire?

Tiger Containers is a leading supplier of quality new and second-hand shipping containers in Australia. In addition to offering shipping containers both on one-off sale and rental terms, we also specialise in other value-added services that will help make the shipping container more suitable for your needs.

Our vast experience in the field of shipping containers, gained over a period of 30 years, combined with a large pool of highly qualified technicians enables us to work in collaboration with our clients to come up with products fully customized to their needs.

Our products and services include:

Shipping Containers For Sale and Hire

At Tiger Containers we pride ourselves on providing the best shipping containers for buying or hiring to customers in Australia and the world over. We offer both quality and variety at unbeatable prices to ensure that there is something for every need and budget.
We offer both new and second-hand containers, so depending on the intended use, or your budget, you will get a container that suits you.

We offer:

On-Site Containers

We stock and supply a wide range of custom modified cargo containers for use by people working and living on site. Our cargo container offerings for onsite use offer a quality and cost-effective solution for onsite accommodation, offices, kitchens, ablution units and dangerous goods storage.

We offer the modified shipping containers in various dimensions and customised features depending on the customers’ requirements.  We offer very competitive prices for our onsite containers. In addition, our 24/7 onsite warranty services are also available to help you rest easy with the knowledge that we will take care of anything that might go wrong.

Our on-site containers come fitted with all the requested amenities meaning that they are ready for use as soon as they are delivered. With our modified cargo containers, you will be able to work and live on-site immediately and with minimum effort.

For on-site operations, lots of storage will be required for expensive tools and machinery. Equipment which can suffer damage due to exposure to weather elements such as rain and UV light will need protection during storage. Building a store for these items on-site may take a lot of time and effort. That is why we offer solutions for on-site storage with modified shipping containers.

Modifying Shipping Containers

We are industry leaders when it comes to modifying cargo containers for different uses.  Other than the common modifications such as storage space creation and offices, we also do other custom modifications specific to the customer’s needs.

Some of our popular modifications include:

  1. Refrigerated and freezer containers. Here we turn an ordinary 10ft, 20ft or 40ft container into a fully functional refrigerator or freezer. These offer good cold storage solutions for on-site storage of perishables, storage for events or cold storage for transportation. Our Cold Shipping containers can either be fuel powered or use grid power to ensure operation, no matter the power situation on the ground. Here is one such modification we did for a customer.
  2. Dangerous goods storage containers. These are used to store goods that hold the potential risk of harming the environment, humans or animals. We modify these containers so that the risk is contained inside the vessel for safety during transit or during storage. All relevant standards and consents are met.
  3. Accommodation. We can transform a cargo container into a home with all the basic necessities for comfortable accommodation. These are especially useful modifications for people working and living on-site.
  4. Ablution units. Mobile ablution units are crucial for events held in remote locations and on-site. Our ablution units offer a sanitary solution that will not cost a lot to install. The portability also enables re-use for different projects and events.

Shipping Container Repair and Maintenance

We offer repair and maintenance services with a dedicated team trained and equipped to perform excellent work and service. Tiger Containers offers 24/7 call-out and on-site maintenance and repairs. We repair dents, cuts and non-operational refrigerated containers to get them back to a tip-top condition ready for use.

All our container repairs are done in accordance with international standards and this is why all major shipping/leasing lines store their containers in our depots around Australia.

Why You Should Choose Tiger Containers For All Your Shipping Container Needs.

  1. Unbeatable prices – At Tiger Containers we offer the best prices for shipping containers Australia wide. Ask us for a quote.
  2. Quality – We do not compromise on quality. Full stop. But we believe that high-quality goods and services can also be affordable.
  3. All our containers are compliant with Australian Standards
  4. Experience – With three decades worth experience under our belt, you can be assured that we are extremely qualified to provide world-class products and services.
  5. Well trained and professional staff – We are the best. To maintain this status, we only hire the best. Our staff will ensure that you get what you need at the right time and in the right quality.

We ensure that our containers are:

  • In excellent condition. We do not want our products failing you and causing damage to your goods or equipment. We thus ensure that all our cargo containers are in sound condition before delivery through rigorous inspection.
  • Weatherproof and fitted with good door gaskets.
  • Fitted with functioning doors and sealing components.

Contact the friendly Tiger Containers’ team and let us take care of all your shipping container needs with guaranteed satisfaction.

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