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  • Large Shipping Containers

Shipping containers have been used to store goods during transit for a long time. So it was no surprise when people started using them to store goods that did not require transportation. After all, if they could keep goods safe in rough seas for months, what’s some rain and a bit of sunshine on dry land?

Shipping containers are built tough. Tough enough to keep goods safe in not so friendly environments.

It is for this reason that they are being utilised for onshore goods storage.
With a few modifications, shipping containers can be used to serve different kinds of storage needs. Some of these include:

1.    Cold storage – Shipping containers can be easily modified into cold rooms for storing perishable goods with the added advantage of mobility.

2.    Frozen goods storage – If you need to store goods in a frozen state, a shipping container could be quickly modified into a large freezer.

Frozen goods storage

3.    Dangerous goods – Dangerous goods are goods that could harm people, property or the environment. Shipping containers can be modified to provide the special conditions necessary to store these items safely.

Dangerous goods

4.    On site storage – On site storage requires a facility that is secure and quick to assemble. This makes shipping containers perfect for this purpose.

5.    Temporary storage – Shipping containers are extremely useful for temporary storage. They are easy to install and maintain.

6.    Seasonal storage – For items not needed until next season, a shipping container proves useful as it will keep them safe during storage until they are needed again.

7.    Hunting camp storage – A secure place to keep hunting gear and equipment is necessary for hunters. The shipping container will keep your gear safe from the elements and intruders.

8.    Vehicle storage – If you need to keep your car or motorcycle safe for an extended period of time or just for the night, a shipping container will do.

9.    Event storage – Lots of storage capacity is necessary for events due to the expected spike in customer numbers. Shipping containers can be used for storage space.

10.    Secure storage – The only way to get through a shipping container is by using explosives or a blowtorch. They are thus capable of storing valuable goods.

Shipping containers are highly adaptive and can be modified to suit a wide range of storage needs. At Tiger containers, we’ll help you get the shipping container and also make the modifications you require. Contact Us today.

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