Shipping containers are so versatile they can be used for practically anything. All it takes is a little imagination and you can transform them for many other uses. Due to their rectangular shape and the fact that most things made from shipping containers are mobile and transportable, they are the perfect choice to transform into portable ablution blocks (toilet blocks), complete with washrooms and even electronic hand dryers. Check out the examples below to discover just what’s possible with the shipping container ablution block and how quickly it can solve those sanitary problems on-site.

We rarely acknowledge the importance of toilet facilities, but the truth of the matter is that without them the world wouldn’t be the same. Because of the sanitation provided by toilets, we are able to keep clean and avoid the numerous diseases that could result from unsafe disposal of human waste. Frankly, toilets have an important role to play in our health.

It is for this reason that toilets are an important fixture in any place where there are people. But providing these services can be a bit difficult especially in areas where there isn’t a regular flow of human traffic. It would be uneconomical to construct toilets for a few days of use after which they are abandoned. Thus came portable toilets.

With portable toilets, sanitary washroom facilities can be provided on short notice and at remote locations. Portable toilets offer a cheap yet hygienic washroom solution. They are ideal for events and project sites because they are cheap and easy to set up.
For a while, people used single unit portable toilets but this was not ideal as you would need several, especially for a large number of people. There was a need for a complete ablution block with all washroom facilities in one place – similar to those found in permanent buildings. And that is when shipping containers got a new job.

Shipping containers are large, portable and can be modified easily to create a complete ablution block. A single shipping container ablution block can serve an entire construction site easily. Because of their durable construction, shipping container toilets can even be used as permanent units.
Here are some great examples of toilets made from shipping containers.

1.    DropBox Inc Portable Running Water Restroom. The fact that you can have a portable restroom with running water is simply amazing. This modified 20ft shipping container is fully insulated, climate-controlled for comfort and has an exterior wrapped in fibre cement for aesthetics. It has three spacious toilets all fitted with a sink and hand dryer.

shipping container portable loo

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2.    10ft Disabled Access Toilet by TF Jackson. This single unit toilet is made from a 10ft shipping container and is fitted with a disabled access toilet, hand wash and grab handles.

10ft disabled access shipping container loo

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3.    Portable Office with Toilet. This unit offers a two in one solution by providing office space and toilet facilities. This unit made from a 20ft shipping container is perfect for a remote location office.

20ft shipping container office with toilet

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4.    Sanitation Station. This is a large ablution block constructed from a 40ft shipping container. It is provided as an on-site sanitation solution.

40ft shipping container sanitation station

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At Tiger Containers, we provide high-quality shipping containers (both new and used) and make the necessary modifications to turn them into modern, comfortable and sanitary ablution units. All this at an affordable price.

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