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  • Large Shipping Containers

Ever since they were invented, shipping containers have been used to store in-transit goods. It, therefore, came as no surprise when individuals started using them exclusively for storage.
After all, if sea containers can protect goods in rough seas for several months, what’s a bit of sunshine and some rain on dry land?

The tough build of shipping containers makes them ideal for keeping items safe in tough environments. This ability has made them quite a popular storage solution for commercial and home use.

There are numerous situations where shipping containers will come in handy for storing different items. We shall take a look at some of these scenarios and how shipping container storage can help.

A place to store all your extra stuff

For those of us who like to hold on to our things for a bit too long, space eventually runs out at home leaving us with the hard task of looking for extra room. A cargo container provides the perfect storage space for all your extra stuff. Containers also provide a place for you to store your items as you prepare to move.

Have no space to put the shipping container? No problem, why not go for secure on-site storage!

Secure onsite storage – What is it?

A secure onsite storage is a large facility where you can store your items packed inside a cargo container safely. These facilities are always locked and kept under 24/7 CCTV surveillance to ensure that your items are not accessible to unauthorised people.

Tiger Containers operates two such facilities, one at Roselands and another at Tempe where we provide you with a high-quality shipping container to store your items in, and a secure location to keep the container. Secure onsite storage is perfect for when you are:

  1. Moving overseas. If you’re moving or travelling overseas for some time, storing your household items in a secure facility ensures that you don’t have to start from scratch when you come back.
  2. Clearing out an estate. When a person passes away, it is sometimes necessary to immediately clear out their items from their house. A secure onsite facility gives you a place to store these items before a decision on how to deal with them is reached or as you await probate.
  3. Planning a garage sale. You might have a couple of items that you need to sell after remodelling your house but want to fetch a good price.
    You can store these items in a secure facility, maybe join up with some neighbours who also want to get rid of some of their items, and consolidate enough merchandise for a future large-scale sale.
  4. Have conflicting “move out” and “move in” dates? If you need to wait a few days before moving into your new house after moving out of your old one, a secure storage facility can help bridge this gap by keeping your things safe as you make the necessary arrangements.
  5. Downsizing your home. When you move from a larger home to a smaller one, you don’t always have the option to get rid of the extra stuff at once. Secure onsite storage gives you a place to keep your things as you decide what to do with them.

There’re several benefits for storing your things in a secure facility, these include:

  1. Freeing up space in your home for other uses.
  2. Sparing you the difficult task of deciding what to sell and what to keep.
  3. Clearing your house so that you can “stage” it for sale.
  4. Providing a place for you to keep your early Christmas shopping until it’s time to give it out.
  5. Guaranteed safety for your items.

Shipping container on-site storage facilities

Cargo containers also provide an excellent solution for on-site storage needs. Shipping containers can be used in the following ways for on-site storage requirements.

  1. Locker rooms for workers. Cargo containers can be converted into locker rooms for work camps, schools and outdoor gyms. With this kind of facility, users get their own secure space to store items for a short or long time. The locker room can be made even more secure by closing the container’s doors.
  2. Storage for construction sites. Tools are expensive and leaving them outside can lead to theft and damage from the elements. A modified sea container provides a safe and secure place for tools to be stored on job sites.
  3. Paper archive for your office. Wooden shelves can be fitted to the container for boxes of documents to be stored. The fireproof nature of the containers shell is an added advantage and will help keep the documents safe.
  4. Home renovations. You can use a cargo container to store your household items as your home gets renovated without worrying about them getting damaged.
  5. Reliable storage for your farm equipment. Shipping containers provide the ideal storage solution for your farm equipment and supplies that need to be kept dry and safe from the elements.
  6. Car garage and automotive parts storage. If you require to store your car or motorcycle for an extended time or need a garage for everyday use, cargo containers provide the perfect solution. Car parts can also be safely stored here.
  7. A place to store extra inventory. For commercial enterprises with excess inventory, shipping containers can be used to keep the items safe until they can be sold or used.
  8. The perfect disaster-preparedness-items storage. A sea container can withstand flooding and storms making it a good solution for keeping emergency supplies safe and dry for when they are needed.
  9. Storage for out of season items. Stores will often have extensive collections of seasonal items as well as fixtures and promotional items used at certain times of the year. On-site container storage will keep them safe and secure until they are required.
  10. Storage for extra supplies. Schools and churches will often have extra supplies that they require to keep near their facility such as chairs and tables for events. On-site cargo container storage provides a way to keep these supplies near and ready for when they are required.
  11. Simplified moving. If you need to move house, you can have a shipping container dropped off so that you can pack at your own pace and convenience. Once done, just have the container shipped to your new house and take as long as you want to unpack.
  12. Storage for yard tools and landscaping equipment. Yard tools and a large lawnmower can take up a lot of your garage space. A shipping container enables you to free up this space for other more important uses – such as parking your car!
  13. Event storage. If you are preparing for a big event, on-site shipping container storage can help you keep enough supplies to cater for a large number of guests.
  14. Hunting camp storage. A cargo container will provide the perfect place for you to store your hunting equipment and gear safe from intruders and the elements.
  15. Cold storage. Reefers (also known as refrigerated shipping containers) can be used for storing perishable goods that require being refrigerated or frozen. And because they can run on fossil fuels, they make for the perfect off-the-grid cold room.
  16. Dangerous goods storage. If you need to store hazardous items such as explosives or corrosive chemicals, a shipping container can be modified for this to provide you with a safe on-site dangerous goods storage solution.

Cargo containers are very handy items that can be used for a wide range of storage needs. They are windproof, waterproof, safe and secure while still providing enough room for you to store your items.

Because it’s not a permanent structure, a shipping container storage can also help you circumvent local bylaws helping you avoid penalties and complaints.

If you’re searching for a storage solution that is inexpensive and will meet your needs, then you may want to look at shipping containers as a viable option.

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