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A shed is something every man wishes they had. It is that bit of space that you can proudly call yours. A personal retreat area in your own backyard where you can just kick back, relax and unwind after a long week. It’s where you keep your tools and bring you projects into life after weeks of postponement.

And it’s not just here in Australia where men value their sheds; it’s actually a global phenomenon. They might call it something different – thanks to the numerous languages out there – but all the names represent that personal space they have in their backyard. It’s a thing of beauty really. I think sheds are to men what handbags are to women; a must have item.

If you are thinking of building yourself a shed then one of the most important decisions you will have to make is the choice of building material. You want something that is affordable, durable and can be put up in a few days. Luckily, there is a construction material that fits this criteria perfectly, and that’s the shipping container.
A lot of people around the world are using this handy item to successfully build their sheds. Let’s take a look at 4 great examples of sheds constructed using shipping containers.

 1.       The Studio Pod. Nothing’s quite as satisfying as building something by yourself. That’s what one guy decided to do using a 40ft high cube shipping container. It took a while according to his blog, but after months of procrastination and a series of innovations, he finally gets it done; and it’s a beauty. Notice  the old Vietnam-era parachute he uses to drape the gap between his house and the shed… recycling is beautiful. 


2.       The Shipping Container Storage Shed. Your garage getting too small for all your stuff? How about an outdoor storage shed? Check out this one made from two 20ft containers with a simple carport roof put in place to cover the gap between them. You could use the large space in the middle to park your large vehicle.


3.       Shipping Container Barn. Made from four 40ft shipping containers stacked two up and placed in parallel and then covered with a more traditional corrugated iron shit roof, this “modern” barn demonstrates just how easy it is to incorporate shipping containers into traditional designs.


4.       The serenity pod. I found this on Pinterest but there wasn’t much information about it so I decided to call it the serenity pod going by how serene it looks. Adding the wooden deck was a brilliant idea, I think.

eco pod


Building your own shed shouldn’t have to be an expensive or complicated affair. Just get a shipping container, make a few modifications – ideally by yourself as it is cheaper – and build yourself that shed you have always dreamt about. Tiger Containers will provide you with the shipping container (either new or used depending on your preference and budget) and even help you with the modifications if you so wish. Get a quote now.

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