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  • Large Shipping Containers

When placed on a flat ground, shipping containers have a height to ground difference that makes loading the container difficult as items have to be lifted before being loaded into the container.
Hoisting heavier items can be very challenging and dangerous as it can put personnel at risk of injury. Cargo container ramps eliminate this problem by providing a clear path to load and unload the container.

Long ramps provide a gradual slope while shorter ones have a steeper one.
Cargo container ramps can be installed permanently for one-off onsite installations.

Temporary ramps that can be moved away and stored elsewhere when not needed are also an option. These help eliminate unnecessary wastage of space. Either of these ramps will help you roll in heavy items ensuring safety for the people loading the container.

Whichever ramp you chose (either permanent or temporary) can be installed on new or existing shipping containers. We can also incorporate the ramp into the doors so that it drops down like a drawbridge. Shipping containers provide a good option for storage and ramps help make them that much more useful.

Our latest container ramp project

When a customer with a large factory with numerous containers came to us for a ramp solution, we suggested making one with wheels and a handle.  This way, the customer did not have to get a ramp for each and every container but could instead move the ramp from one container to another.

Needless to say, out client was ecstatic about the innovative solution we were able to provide.

Tiger containers does not just sell cargo containers, we also provide services and accessories that will help make the container more suitable for your needs. We provide shipping container solutions that require outside the box thinking. Contact us to find out how we can be of assistance.

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