Who doesn't want a pool? A shipping container pool may seem like the cheap and easy pool alternative however there are some things you must consider.

A swimming pool is a great addition to any home. It provides a way for the family to get together and have fun while improving their health by providing the exercise needed for healthy living.

One problem though, the cost of installing a swimming pool at home can be limiting to a lot of people. But that was before. Now you can install a shipping container pool at the fraction of the cost and get the full benefits of a regular pool.

Transforming shipping containers into habitable structures has been a popular trend across the world. More recently, a new trend is emerging and that is the conversion of cargo containers into swimming pools. Other than the cost advantage, container swimming pools are durable (thanks to their steel construction), portable and easy to construct. All these advantages have contributed to the growing popularity.

But before you can install this affordable swimming pool on your property, there are 5 quick considerations you need to make. These are:

1.    Building codes. Depending on the location of your property, the government might have some kind of building restrictions for swimming pools. Make sure you consult with your local authorities first before installing a shipping container swimming pool. This is especially important if the pool will be partially or completely below ground.

2.    Available space. Obviously, you’ll require quite a bit of space to install the pool. This will determine its dimensions and the number of containers you will require. If space is available and the budget allows it, you can have several shipping containers welded together to create a larger pool. You can also play around with arrangements to create a shape that is more pleasing to you. A 20ft container makes a fairly sized pool but a 40ft container (or several) can be used for larger pools.

The nature of the ground on which the pool will be installed is also something you need to think about. The type of soil and slope of your land will determine how the pool is installed.

3.    Depth. Containers are 2.6 meters high for regular containers and 2.9 meters for high cubes. This will generally be the depth of the pool without modifications. Alternatively, the container can be cut to make your desired depth. If you do choose to use the container with its original height, however, you might need to install it partially or completely below ground for accessibility reasons or have a special deck built around it if it’s completely above ground.

4.    Cost. Although shipping container pools are cheaper to construct, running costs will almost be the same as those of a normal pool. Consider the type of pump and filtration equipment and accessories you’ll use to keep these costs as low as possible over the pool’s lifespan. It will also cost you extra if the container pool will be partially or completely below ground because of excavation costs.

5.    Interior lining. Similar to regular swimming pools, container pools can be fitted with different linings depending on the budget and preference. Common linings for this kind of pools are fibreglass and heavy-duty painting. Something to remember also is that shipping containers are constructed to keep water out, not in. So for painted interiors, special welding will be required to ensure the container does not leak.

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