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  • Large Shipping Containers

A Shakespearean theatre constructed with shipping containers, the largest cargo container mall in the world, a former RAF engineer’s container home in the Australian bush, and Gold Coast City Council’s plan to lure tourists during the Commonwealth Games: all in our container news roundup.

Shakespearean theatre made from sea containers

Plans have been put in place to create a theatre modelled after Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre using repurposed shipping containers. Although the Globe theatre’s modular design would make it mobile (in theory), Creator Angus Vail prefers to find a permanent spot for it – his first choice being Detroit, Michigan.

Vail, who’s originally from New Zealand but fell in love with Detroit after his first visit in the 80’s, feels that Detroit is the heart of America, and it would be great if the Globe – even in a small way – could be part of its renaissance.

He says he’s got blessings from Shakespeare’s Globe in London, the Shakespeare Theatre Association, and the Folger Shakespeare Library in Washington. Vail plans to start a crowdfunding campaign for the project next year.

Shakespearean Theatre


The largest container mall in the world

The recently completed Common Ground mall is the largest shopping mall made from cargo containers. The mall, located in Seoul, South Korea, has 5,300m2 of space and is made of 200 shipping containers. The project’s designer Urbantainer created the mall in such a way that it could be easily moved, modified, or even dismantled if the need arose.

Common Ground was created as an experimental project that aimed to revitalise an unused lot in Seoul’s Gwangjin District. By using prefabricated cargo containers for the project, the developer was able to lower construction costs as well as reduce the construction time to just 5 months.

In keeping with its unconventionality, Common Ground only hosts mid-sized shops, up-and-coming designers, and editorial stores instead of large mainstream brands. The mall houses 70 stores and 20 restaurants.


A former engineer’s sea container home in the Australian Bush

Paul Chambers, a former Royal Airforce (RAF) engineer, decided to use his skills to create his home in the Australian outback after he and his wife, Sarah, got fed up with noisy urban neighbourhoods. His completely self-sufficient, off-the-grid home was made with three used shipping containers at a cost of $62,000.

The home lies 62 miles from Newcastle, the nearest city. It is self-sufficient in power and water with the only connection to the grid being an internet connection that Sarah uses for her online business.

Other than the lack of space for their kids to visit, the couple is very happy with their decision to sell their “real house” and go off the grid.


Gold Coast City Council’s plan to lure tourists

The Gold Coast City Council has started putting plans in place to sell Gold Coast’s attractions at major locations during the upcoming Commonwealth Games in 2018.

The council could use shipping containers or Kombi vans as visitor information centres to provide tourists with unbiased advice about the city. Shipping containers or Kombi vans have been selected to create the visitor pods because they can be folded up easily and moved to a new location. According to council specifications, the pods also need to have a subtropical design, as well as be robust, durable and secure.

Each movable visitor centre will be built at an estimated budget of $65,000.


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