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An engineer quits his job to build cargo container homes, a brilliant idea comes out of a pub conversation, and the Holiday Inn Express that will be made entirely of shipping containers; all these interesting stories in our monthly shipping container news roundup from around the globe.

A man quits his engineering job to build container homes

A man quits his engineering job to build container homesHave you ever considered quitting your job to pursue your passion? Well, Jon Meier, an engineer from Pearland, Texas did exactly that and reckons it’s the best decision he has ever made.

After graduating from Purdue University with an aeronautical engineering degree, Meir landed a job at Boeing, later switching jobs to work in the oil and gas industry in Houston. After seeing several people getting laid off (including his boss), Meir decided to walk away from his well-paying job and the stability it offered to pursue his passion.

The idea of building homes from cargo containers came to him as a result of seeing broken down shipping containers on shipyards and people’s yards. There were millions of them going to waste in Houston, and he wanted to change that.

Meir utilised his structural skills and engineering knowledge to start turning cargo containers into tiny homes. His business enjoyed relative success, but his big break came when his work was featured on the television show “Tiny House, Big Living.”

His tiny homes sell for between $ 25,000 and $50,000 and can either be built with 20ft or 40ft containers. Meier believes the container homes will appeal to a wide demographic from older folks to millennials to hunters looking for a sturdy accommodation.


A pub conversation births an inventive way of protecting cattle station infrastructure.

protecting cattle station infrastructureA station located in Western Australia’s Goldfields is employing new tactics to keep feral camels from destroying vital infrastructure at watering holes.

Mount Weld Station manager, Patrick Hill, stumbled upon the idea to enclose his solar powered pumps in shipping containers while catching a pint at a local pub. The idea, although he had never seen it in action, made a lot of sense as containers had the strength to protect the pumps and could be placed directly over the bores. The solar panels could also be mounted at the top.

Furthermore, if one bore ran dry, the container could easily be relocated to another. And with the cost of installing containers equalling that of erecting a fence, Hill thought the idea was worth a shot.

If the containers are successful at protecting the infrastructure from feral camels, Hill reckons the idea could be replicated on other stations as well.


The Shipping Container Holiday Inn Express

The Shipping Container Holiday Inn ExpressA hotel made entirely with shipping containers is being pieced together in Manchester, England. The 220 room Holiday Inn Express will be the first in the UK to be built using this technique.

All the container modules are being shipped with full height windows, ceilings, light fittings, carpets, wallpapers and fixtures already installed. The containers, each weighing about 20 tonnes, are then individually stacked with the entire project estimated to take about 2 – 4 weeks.

An external finish will be applied to the modules once the building is complete for a more pleasing appearance. The new building approach is expected to half the hotels building schedule with the opening date slated for May 2017.


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