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As principles of sustainability continue to infiltrate more minds around the world, people are increasingly looking for ways to recycle and reduce waste. We are becoming more aware of the impact our lifestyles have on the environment which has helped us realise the need for sustainable use of resources. One of the items gaining popularity in the current recycling “boom” is the shipping container.

Although they have been around for several decades, it is now that a lot of people are realising the versatility of the shipping container. With just a few tweaks, a shipping container can be converted into a house, office, cold-room and more.

Today we’ll focus on the use of shipping containers to build kitchens . Why? Well, because food and environmental conservation go well together – like fish and chips. Speaking of fast food, most shipping container kitchen modifications are for this purpose, a few are however real restaurants with somewhat extensive menus.

Here are five great examples of shipping containers that have been transformed into kitchens:

1. The Müvbox Shipping Container Restaurant. Fast food meets shipping container in this beautiful concept. Created by Müvbox, this 20ft shipping container in Montreal, Canada opens up into a full-fledged mobile, outdoor fast food restaurant. It features a gourmet kitchen inside and a fabulous graphic paint job on the outside.

shipping container kitchen

(Image from:

2. Wahaca shipping container restaurant. Originally located in London’s Southbank and owned by the Mexican restaurant chain Wahaca, this ambitious project was designed by softroom Architects who are based in London. Composed of eight shipping containers, the restaurant functioned as an experimental kitchen offering monthly food specials at one location over the course of 18 months before moving to a different location. Popular dishes from this experiment would then be added to wahaca’s standard menu in all its outlets.

shipping container kitchen - Wahaca

(Image from source:

(Image: from source)

3. Singapore Takeout. This 20ft shipping container was outfitted with elegant kitchen equipment and used to serve up traditional dishes from Singapore and other innovative and inspired dishes. The shipping container kitchen served both as a restaurant kitchen and a demonstration kitchen to show off Singapore’s cuisine, culinary talent and food brands.

Pop up takeaways in shipping container

(Image from source: )

4. The Container Restaurant. Located in the Beer Garden at Ska Brewing World Headquarters in Durango, this repurposed shipping container offers customers the chance to enjoy freshly made food and wash it down with a good pint of beer directly from the source.

Container restaurant

(Image from source:

Shipping containers are gaining popularity in kitchen construction because they are strong, durable, affordable, easily adaptable, and can be moved around easily.

At Tiger containers, we will not only provide you with high quality new and used containers but also help modify them into the kitchen of your dreams. Our products are of high quality and are competitively priced to ensure that you get the best value for your money.

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