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Shipping container homes Australia – They have been around for a couple of decades now. During this time, they have evolved from ‘boxes’ we use for goods storage during long transit to multipurpose devices that can be moulded to suit varying needs. Their low cost and wide availability has only served to accelerate this trend with new ways of using them coming up with every passing day.

Developments in the ICT and Transportation sectors over the last century have condensed the vastness of the world into a single village. Global trade is booming. This boom has brought with it – in surplus – an item that when combined with the human imagination creates limitless utility. The shipping container.

With the soaring cost of real estate, more and more Australians are thinking outside the box for more affordable alternatives. With its numerous advantages over conventional building materials, the shipping container is providing the answer to this problem. The concept of modifying shipping containers into granny flats and fully detached homes is quickly taking root with environmentally conscious home buyers and home buyers seeking to stretch their dollar.

And the cost difference between constructing a traditional home and a shipping container home is significant. A regular three-bedroom 200m2 house would cost you about $400,000 to build in Sydney, a similar structure built using shipping containers would cost between $150,000 to $300,000.

Likewise, a granny flat will cost you well over $100,000 to build in Sydney while a shipping container conversion would cost about half of this. And this includes all additional costs associated with converted container homes such as council fees, transport, and setting the shipping containers on concrete blocks. (Source:

In addition to the cost benefits associated with shipping container homes, there are also other benefits that are helping shipping containers gain popularity in the home construction arena.

They include:

1.    Reduced construction times. Shipping container homes are manufactured in a factory which makes production quick and efficient. Once the shell has been completed, all that remains is installation on your property and addition of other add-ons such as roofs and verandas. Your home should be ready in just a couple of weeks.

2.    Sustainability. People are starting to understand and appreciate the effect their lifestyles have on the environment. It is for this reason that more people are switching to a more sustainable way of living. Using shipping containers for home construction is helping in the re-use of these otherwise waste products. This is because shipping containers are rarely shipped back to the original exporter which results in a major disposal problem.

3.    Durability. Even with their lower construction cost, shipping container homes will last as long as traditionally built homes. Shipping containers are renowned for their tough construction which will remain even after the container has been transformed into a home.

4.    Good “temporary” structures. Shipping containers walk the line between permanent structures and temporary structures. If for any reason you are not allowed to construct permanent buildings on your property, a shipping container home offers a great solution as it can be moved when required without any damage.

Although relatively new to Australia, the concept of building homes from shipping containers is widespread in other countries such as the U.S.A and Canada. And with all the benefits these homes offer, you can only expect this trend to continue growing both in Australia and the world over.

Benefits of Using Shipping Containers for Homes

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