"Did you know if you put shelves into your shipping container you'll almost double your storage?

So many people view containers as nothing more than a giant metal box used to store stuff or ship stuff, but a shipping container can do so much more than that. Even as a storage device, if you install a series of shelves you can really organise your space, making it easier to find everything when you need it. Tiger Containers specialises in shipping container conversions, so check out the photos below to see just how simple and useful it is to have shelving in your shipping container."

Need shelves? Check out this new shelving installed by Tiger Containers.

Tiger Containers has just made and installed shelving down one side of a shipping container, with Steel mesh tops. In the rear of the container, we have also added Timber based shelving. Needless to say, we have another happy customer!

shelving in shipping containers

shipping container shelves

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