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  • Large Shipping Containers

Got a used shipping container? Check out how your shipping container can be refurbished into a fully functional office for all your office needs.

Sprucing up a used container yourself so that you can use it for your office purposes isn’t as easy as many people may think. First, you may need to apply a fresh paint to the interior to cover up the scratches and dents present in the old container to make your office look new and attractive. You may need to prep, prime and then paint the exterior of your container. If there are any repairs required, such as holes, dents or scratches, you’ll need to fix those.

Refurbishing your container makes it look better and allows it to serve you longer. Other things to consider:

Installing Doors and Windows

Just like any other office, your container must have doors and windows to foster ventilation and increase the lighting inside the container. Standard shipping containers usually come with lockable double swing doors at each end of the container. The double doors can be ideal if you are a person who likes versatility and flexibility or you can customize your container with an aftermarket door if you don’t like the doors which come with the container.

Advantages of Using Shipping Container Offices

They Are Portable: Shipping container offices can be carried to any place conveniently. Easy to install and remove, these onsite containers are great for architects, project managers, regional sales managers and any other proprietor whose work isn’t restricted to one place. Since they can be moved easily, they are suitable to be used anywhere at any time of the year. They can be quickly installed and even easier to take them away.

They can be Customised: These office shipping containers can be modified to suit your office needs. The lighting system, doors, flooring, furniture and other things can be installed depending on your needs. Other things such as air conditioning systems can also be installed if you need them.

They are Spacious: Other than being comfortable and versatile, onsite shipping container offices are spacious. There is enough space for your office furniture, printers and other office equipment. Just remember to choose good quality, durable and secure containers and remember that you can actually join containers together to form larger office structures making it easier to get the space you’d want.

Generally, contractors, engineers and other professionals are now embracing the use of shipping containers as durable, portable and versatile offices, which can be used in a variety of places. This is a form of mobile office, meaning you can move your office whenever you need. Being weather-resilient, these containers can keep all your office documents and equipment safe from the elements and secure from intruders.

Remember to choose the right container based on your business requirements. Ask us for assistance in choosing the best shipping container for your office needs.

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