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  • Large Shipping Containers

There are many instances where refrigerated shipping containers can be extremely useful for the storage of items that should be kept cold.

While shipping containers are primarily used to transport goods they can also be used for a variety of other puposes. These large shipping containers can be moved to your location or to any location that you need them, so if you need to cater a large event and need to bring a large amount of food and keep it cold, then this might be an excellent option for you to consider.

Large Functions

Large events with hundreds of people generally are catered with large amounts of food. All of that food will need to be replenished regularly and it will need to be kept and stored on location. Food should be keep cool, especially on warmer days and these containers have the capacity to operate in a similar fashion to a refrigerator in that they will keep the food cold. Refrigerated shipping containers have their own generator power source so they do not run on electrical power and still keep the food at an appropriate temperature.

This is the ideal situation for most large events including conferences, weddings, parties and other large gatherings. It can also be good for festivals and outdoor shows. The container can be moved to the location for the event and then taken away once the event has been completed.

Renting Refrigerated Shipping Containers

Refrigerated shipping containers can be rented when you are looking for a solution for the storage of a large amount of food for a short amount of time. They can be pre-modified to meet your exact meets before delivery so that they are already set up to be completely functional and ready to use once they arrive at your location.

Disaster Relief

Although no one likes to think about these kinds of things, large, refrigerated shipping containers are also a great solution for disaster relief. They keep perishable food cool so that it is safe to consume by people who need it.

Benefits are of a refrigerated shipping container:

• These containers can be modified to your exact requirements. It does not matter what you need, Tiger Containers will take care of it!
• The container can be used as a freezer, a cool room or for refrigerated transport (as it was originally designed for). You can make the decision and you can adjust the temperature to meet your needs.
• You can move the container or have it moved from place to place, it can be transported easily by you or by Tiger and can be stacked if need be.

Tiger Containers has been providing containers for a variety of needs for decades with great feedback. Contact us to see exactly what we have available and how we can get that container to your location when you need it.

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