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  • Large Shipping Containers

Shipping containers are being used for a lot of innovative structures these days. They are affordable, simple to modify and easy to move.  Here are a few amazing buildings that have been created with modified shipping containers:

    1. With a few quick shipping container modifications, several containers are moved together and attached, then developed into an incredible and comfortable residence with all of the modern conveniences. Award-winning architects rise to the challenge to design and construct residential homes that anyone would love to own.

    1. With over 125 shipping containers already being used for this purpose, prisons are turning to these self-contained units to house prisoners in Australia. Due to their affordability and portability, shipping containers are the perfect solution for the government to stay on budget and manage prison numbers.

    1. An award-winning beach house was constructed and won the Gabriel Poole Award for the building of the year, 2014. The “Beach Box” was recognized for its cost-effective interaction with the beach culture and playful use of shipping containers. This building was one of 22 entrants and was chosen because of its playful use of modified shipping containers and simple yet appropriate interiors.

  1. The Mill Junction Project in Johannesburg, South Africa is a housing complex that provides accommodation for hundreds of university students. Several abandoned grain silos have been topped with four separate floors of modified shipping containers. The majority of the complex and apartments are contained inside of the silos. Windows and doors have been cut in the silos and the whole building has energy efficient lighting features, free Wi-Fi, communal kitchens, areas to study, recreational rooms and a gym.

Modified shipping containers are versatile and easy to modify. Each one is like a blank canvas that is waiting for a creative architect to transform into suitable accommodations for any situation. These are just a few amazing examples of how shipping container modifications are turning simple and ordinary metal containers into homes that most people would not guess the origin of.

If you have a project in mind and need some assistance with modifying a shipping container contact us today.

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