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The Most Unusual Ways Shipping Containers Have Been Used

Thanks to the ever-increasing popularity of shipping container conversions, coming across a building that has been constructed with one or several of these metal boxes isn’t really something worth writing home about nowadays. However, there are shipping container modifications that stand out due to the unusual purpose they serve or their unorthodox architecture. Here is […]

Trends In Container Use For 2019 – What to Expect

The notion of turning single unit containers or several conjoined units into useful buildings has been around for a while and will only gain more steam in 2019 as more people get drawn into the recycling and upcycling movement. As a result, several new trends in container repurposing will emerge while others that are older […]

All About 20ft Shipping Containers

Secure, weatherproof, tough and versatile, the uses for the 20ft shipping container are endless and limited only by your imagination! Because of its middle-of-the-road sizing, the 20ft shipping container has proven to be the most popular shipping container for almost all uses, whether hiring or buying from us. Their more compact size enables the containers […]

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