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The Most Bizarre Modifications Of Sea Containers You’ve Seen

If you have been keeping tabs on architectural developments in the past decade or so, you will probably have noticed the increasing number of modified cargo-containers around. That’s because the popularity of shipping-container repurposing for creating residential, commercial, recreational and industrial spaces has been on the up since the turn of the millennium. Because they […]

Reasons To Lease A Shipping Container

The shipping container has been the work horse of international transportation by land and sea for many decades. By design it’s the perfect way to transport goods from city to city, state to state and country to country. These days shipping containers are still mostly used for both transporting goods and storage, but also a […]

Open Top Containers: What Are They?

Open top containers serve similar storage/transport purposes as regular shipping containers, however, are able to accommodate much larger objects. They are a type of shipping container that is used for items that are too large to be loaded into a regular sized shipping container.

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