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Shipping Containers as Bridges

Ever heard of a shipping container bridge? Check out this article and learn why shipping containers make some of the best bridges. Shipping containers are some of the most versatile recyclables in the world. With just a few modifications (or none in some situations), a shipping container can be transformed into something useful. Among those […]

Shipping Container Greenhouse

Shipping containers have been repurposed for a number of reasons. Check out the new shipping container greenhouse built by Tiger Containers! People have repurposed old shipping containers for numerous things – restaurants, homes, art galleries, shops, even swimming pools. But the greenest use might just have been found – literally.

Shipping Container Toilets – 5 Great Examples

Need inspiration for your new shipping container toilet block? Well, look no further. Check out our article! We rarely acknowledge the importance of toilet facilities, but the truth of the matter is that without them the world wouldn’t be the same. Because of the sanitation provided by toilets, we are able to keep clean and […]

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