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A Workshop From A Shipping Container

You don’t need to break the bank to build a comfortable and spacious workshop for your projects or business. A quick and cost-effective container conversion can provide you with your dream workspace with all the amenities of a traditionally constructed workshop. And thanks to their modular nature, two or more shipping containers can be seamlessly […]

What is Cargotecture?

Ever heard of ‘cargotecture’? Read this article and learn about the endless modifications that can be made to regular shipping containers. Today’s buildings need to be innovative, using materials that are being repurposed.  It is a simple fact that there are millions of shipping containers around the world that are sitting unused and can be […]

Shipping Container Art

“It’s true that the beauty of art is in the eye of the beholder and no piece of artwork is exactly the same, but did you know that there are artists and sculptors out there who create art from shipping containers? Yes, it sounds like an unusual medium with which to form a piece of […]

Shipping Containers as Bridges

Ever heard of a shipping container bridge? Check out this article and learn why shipping containers make some of the best bridges. Shipping containers are some of the most versatile recyclables in the world. With just a few modifications (or none in some situations), a shipping container can be transformed into something useful. Among those […]

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