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Shipping Container Offices

From steel box to luxury home office. Check out how shipping containers can be repurposed to suit all your office needs. As the internet continues to grow and develop, telecommuting has become much more effective enabling entrepreneurs to conveniently work from home.

Shipping Container Cafes

Check out this easy, cheap and convenient way to kick start your “pop-up” cafe or restaurant business. Read up on the benefits here! Somewhat a novelty just a few years back, cafes made from shipping containers seem to be popping up everywhere you look nowadays – and for good reason. Increasingly more people are realising […]

A Workshop From A Shipping Container

Tiger Shipping Containers recently modified 2 refrigerated shipping containers so they could be utilised as a workshop, we cut out 2 side walls and provided join kits so they could bolt together onsite. This is a unique design which Tiger Containers has created after years of experience modifying shipping containers, for all shipping container modifications […]

What is Cargotecture?

Ever heard of ‘cargotecture’? Read this article and learn about the endless modifications that can be made to regular shipping containers. Today’s buildings need to be innovative, using materials that are being repurposed.  It is a simple fact that there are millions of shipping containers around the world that are sitting unused and can be […]

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