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    Address : 80 Canberra Street,
    Hemmant, Brisbane, Queensland -
    4174 Australia.


    Swamp Road & Bellevue Street
    Tempe, Sydney - NSW, Australia

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    28 Jones Road, Brooklyn,
    Melbourne, Victoria –
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    Port Beach Road, Lot R114,
    North Fremantle - WA 6159

  • Large Shipping Containers

Shipping Container Sheds

A shed is something every man requires. It’s a personal retreat area in your backyard where you go to kick back, unwind and relax after a long week. A shed is a place you keep all your tools and finally bring that project you have been procrastinating on for weeks to life.

Shipping Container Condensation. How to prevent it.

Millions of tonnes of goods are stored and transported in shipping containers. Out of these, massive amounts end up damaged or spoilt as a result of moisture build-up and condensation in shipping containers that causes “rain” or “sweating”. Condensation in a shipping container occurs when its walls are cooled to temperatures below the dew point […]

Great Shipping Container Videos

Shipping containers have been with us for a few decades now. And over this time they have evolved from boxes that make shipping easier to a new age building material that can be converted into a lot of things. And why wouldn’t they?

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